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I went walking a mile tonight. That counts for some of it right?


If I start back to the tanning bed… does that undo all the ‘healthy’ that I’m working on LoL!


I’m back to drinking a lot of water… and I’m not smoking!! WooHoo!! I think that’s a good start to getting healthy!! And I also worked out for a good half hour tonight… sure, that’s not alot.. but it’s sure better than nothing!! Haha!

For the record

I am getting healthy… I’ve stopped smoking for 4 days now (YaY) and I can now drink 10 cups of water a day!! WooHoo!! Won’t be too much longer till I get to mark off a whole lot of stuff!!!

1 Day down..

Today I ate cereal for breakfast instead of my usual restraunt food… tonight I ate a veggie burger plain and a piece of caramel apple cheesecake ( oh it was good too! ) and 13 doritos. I actually think that I’m doing good!! Haha. I hope that I will be able to stay away from the restraunts alot more than just today!

It's a start

This morning for breakfast I ate cereal… as compared to DQ’s sausage & biscuit - that’s a little healthier right?

Is there really a -healthy-?

To me healthy is eating right the bigger portion of the time. Being a safe weight. Exercising, and being mentally and physically strong. Geeze.. when I go to looking at it, I guess that I’m expecting alot out of myself to be healthy. Ohh well. I need it! In a real bad way!

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