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drink more water

14 cheers


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Alexis793 has written 19 entries about this goal


I’ve been trying to drink more and more water lately. I’ve almost completely stopped drinking pop at this point. YaY

Starting.... again

Ok, so tonight I filled up my water bottle…. and I am going to start back on this one again! It’s crazy how something so simple is so hard to accomplish.


I’m still drinking my water… I wish that I was drinking more… but as long as I’m meeting the ‘recomended’ amount I’m good to go haha…. a few more months with this one and I’ll mark it off!!


I woke up at 4 this morning wanting water!! I drank 2 cups… and then went back to sleep! It’s amazing how after you get started drinking water regular… that you’r body really takes to it and kinda ask’s for it! Anyways.. I love my water!! LoL

Day 4

Done this one last night… just didnt’ post haha

Day 2

Well, It’s just a few after mid-night and I’ve got 2 cups drank!! WooHoo!! Hopefully I will be able to keep this a good habbit again!!


Well, I’ve managed to drink cup 1… again.. what is this the 3rd time?? Geeze.. this time I’ve got to stay on track!!


Not doing so good on this one! I think that I’ll start over from day 1 again… with school starting back… it gave me little time to sit around on here haha… something about not being on here to keep track of how good I was doing threw me off!!! Geeeeeze!!

Where am I??

I have no idea how many cups of water I am drinking a day… but I do know that it’s alot more than I was just a few weeks ago… so that’s good. Atleast I think! Haha. Hopefully I can keep it up!

Cup 7

YaY! This one is done!! WooHoo there aint nothing like water!!

Alexis793 has gotten 14 cheers on this goal.


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