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tone my body

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Seeing results

Been working out on my room-mates bench press. And running around taking care of people at the nursing home is a workout all by itself


I bought a pilates dvd and I have been trying to do it atleast four times a week to tone my body. There is three levels you can choose from Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. I try to only do the basic once a week and do the others. I really like it.


Got my acceptance to the YMCA so I can start beefing up for the summer. lol. But seriously it has to be safer then outside.

Last Week

I visited the YMCA and filled out some paper work. I should know in a week if I’m in or not. Then I can start hitting the machines and swimming again.


I had my first ballet class today and I learned that I am not as flexable as I use to be. I was surprised I could still even do splits but I did. It just my extensions aren’t what they use to be. My muscles are re-learning how to move and work agian, so thats a good thing. I’m sure through out time and practice my extensions and flexiblity will come back with some awesome muscle defintion maybe..


So excited! Okay so the scale is sucking right now… but looking at my body it’s shrinking in areas. Oh yeah, my belly is a lot smaller and getting flatter. I have definition of muscles on my arms that were’nt there a year ago. I guess I forgot about this processes in loosing weight, i like it a lot. I’m going to try a little harder in this area and not look over it again. I like what I am seeing!!!

leggy blonde

That what I want to be and I am noticing change in my legs. I have been doing a lot more walking and sqauts with wieghts. So far so good.


Today I noticed that I am getting definition in my abs and my arms. So cool.

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