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Pay off all my credit cards and loans

3 cheers


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Getting there....

I accrued more debt but I’ve paid off my two credit card. I have to check the toll, my new york and company card, then I will have my loas, citimom, and chase. That’s all the debt I want. Every other one such as health and cell phone are a necessity; but the cell phone is getting to be too high at times.


I decided to get a MPA degree…therefore school loans are here to stay for a while. BUT other bills have been paid down. With all the misc bill I have…I have 2 CC’s…and 1 library fee, and toll fees. THAT’S IT!!. Im actively paying everything down so I can keep money in my pockets and buy a house =)

Back in the Hole

Now that I have no job, I’m drowning in debt again but I am actively looking for a job. and guess where it is, yup!!! back at my old job. I just need a temp job for 2 weeks. I racked up $1,400 in bill in less than 2 months. WOW!! I know….

Its all good!!!

I ain’t got no job so the bills are piling up again. Boo Hoo, but its all good cuz i got food in my stomach and im healthy!!!

Almost Done!!!!

I have one loan, and 2 credit cards left. The second credit card will be paid before the end of the month and my loan will go back in deferrement by August!!!

Almost Done to the Nitty Gritty!!!

I paid off 1 citicard, the tires, brandsmart, both phones…
All I have left is CC=6,000. loan=1,700, CC=1,800.=almost 9 grand still. Then there is a thing that happened with Bally’s, I owe 1,600 but that’s about to be paid off this week.

I’m on a roll. My goal is to have one 500 dollar CC, 1 loan, and one other CC I’m making payments on!!1

Back in the hole

My phone bill is terribly high, but I called international phone calls from my phone ( I can’t make anymore international phone calls). That will reduce the risk of me running up my phone bill. This weekend, I called a lot of companies so I could close off my cards. Now here is what I have left to pay:
DAMN! almost 10 grand again.

Almost done!!!

1 credit card of almost $7,000 and a loan of $2,000=$9,000 kool n’ece pas?!

4 to go!!!

I have 1-2 credit cards left and 1.5 loans. I’m almost done.
I’m so glad.

Im working on it!!!

I have 4 more credit cards and 2 school loans. I am about to pay off 2 cards today and the rest gradually by making balance transfers and lump sum payments.

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