Allen in Snohomish is doing 16 things including…

Lose 35 pounds


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Allen has written 7 entries about this goal

Now down to 252

That’s 32 pounds so far… just three more for this goal!

31 pounds down now

Just four more pounds to go on this goal – going everyday to the gym and eating conciously is doing the trick!

Joined a Spinning Class at the Y

I want to get this weight off. I joined a Spinning Class to give a push to the body. It’s incredible. The internal motivation combined with the external motivation of the class leader makes for a incredibly tough workout.

I highly recommend it!

Down by 29 now

Started going the gym daily. Combined with the eat conciously, stop when full mantra. The weight has begun to slide off again.

Still ten pounds to go

I’m still at -25 pounds, 10 to go, but that’s ok – at least I did not gain during the holidays. I am combining this now with going to the gym, something I hadn’t done before, and I’m still doing the eat conciously, stop when I’m full thing.

I want to be -35 pounds by my birthday in February.

25 pounds and counting

I’m down by 25 pounds now – I notice the rate of loss of weight has slowed, and I direct attribute that to snacking while bored and not really hungry.

Need to get better at drinking the water too. I can go hours at work without a drink if I’m not careful.

I am pleased that I am still losing weight without going to the gym much, but I want to improve my health, my cardiovascular health, by getting the gym back in the mix.


I’ve lost 21 pounds so far. This is my final weight loss goal – to lose a total of 35 pounds and stay there.


I want to:
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