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I brag less than before. I have also noticed that more reasons I have for bragging, more humble I feel. This is a good development, but I feel I am not totally there yet. I would still like to work on this goal.

My friend

Recently I have found out that a very good and close of mine published a contribution in a serious law textbook. He did not say a word about this. I realized how humble he must be and how terribly “unhumble” I am. I always feel like talking about myself. Whether it is my work, my dating life or simply my family, I feel like talking about it a lot, sometimes to the detriment of other people´s stories. I probably do this because I need validation from the outside and because it is a proof that I exist.

I would however like to change this. For the beginning I will try to simply speak about others more than I speak about myself.


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