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My instructor has been invited to teach at a new art centre that’s opening in the area. I’m going to dance at the grand opening! I’m really, really, really exited about it.


The second class was even better than the first. We started doing some really basic things with the zills. I bought a pair and have been practicing on my drive to work. I may go deaf… and anyone passing me probably thinks that I have some problems, but I’m having fun.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough interest for the other studio to hold a class this summer… so I’ll have to wait until July to start going to 2 classes a week. I love the way that I feel when I leave the class.

First class

Last night was my first class. It was so much fun that I’m going to sign up with another teacher in the area so that I can take at least 2 classes a week. I bought a hip scarf and some music that I love, and felt gorgeous while dancing…even though I have so much to learn before I’m actually good at this. I’m really looking forward to next week.

Missed it!

I missed my first class. I had the directions, I had a change of clothes, I left work sort of on time… but it was only after driving for 40 minutes that I realized that I left the directions on my desk at work. I thought that I remembered enough about them to be able to find the location, but I didn’t. The classes are located in the basement studio of someone’s home, so stopping and asking for directions or calling a friend to look it up weren’t really options.

Normally, I would have just backed out at that point, but upon arriving home, I sent the instructor an email asking if I could still join the next class. She said that there will be some other new students at that time too, so everything should still work out. I’m disappointed in the delay but looking forward to June 4. In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep practicing with my Suhaila DVDs.


I’m starting on Monday!


Okay… the last time that I found a class, I was a coward and didn’t go. There’s another one though, about 40 minutes away that will start next Monday. The instructor is also an Irish step-dancer, so I’m pretty sure that this could be destiny. I emailed her to see if there is space in the class and if it would be suitable for a beginner, so now I’m just waiting on the response.

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