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live in mexico

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not really giving up

Because of course I would still do this if given the chance. I just don’t see it as something I work toward. My vision of it was pretty idealized, anyway, and may be served just as well by a good vacation there.
There will be other chances to spend time in Mexico…

this is still a real possibility

People Todd works with go all the time. I could still get a chance to live in Mexico someday!
Maybe it will be by the ocean…


There’s something so appealing about a simple life. I don’t think I could really be a person who dropped it all and moved to the mountains to live in a cabin with just Todd and Sophie and Will. I need to have people around me. I have this vision of us living in a little house by the sea or in a little village. We’d walk into town (Sophie and Will and I) every morning and go to the market. We’d sit on the beach and play in the blue water. Or we’d clean our little house or find interesting things to put in it. We wouldn’t be lonely because we’d become part of the little village…and I’m sure that if I lived in Mexico, my family would visit often! I often list in my favorite books the Pretty Horses trilogy by Cormac McCarthy and I think that that Mexico appeals to me, too-the mountains and ranges. Mexico is exotic but close to home-near but so far away…

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