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For me, this has always been an issue. Racism, homophobia, general ignorance, etc… is among many ridiculous things that makes me so angry and also sad.
Where did this supposed logic of “That person has a different skin colour/religion/sexual preference etc.., therefore they dont deserve respect” come from?
I remember my earliest experience of racism was when I was 11 or 12. My best friend was black, infact she was the only black girl in my school. We were walkin home from school and these boys started shouting at her that she doesnt belong here because she’s a ‘paki’.
Firstly, she’s black. And nothing in her appearance would indicate that she was of pakistani decent. They may aswell have called me a ‘nigga’ and I am milk bottle white. Secondly, why? What had she ever done to them? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
Thirdly, she was born here. And her parents were two. And her grandparents aswell I think.

Things like this really really make me angry.
I have experienced homophobia around the age of.. 15 or 16. When I discovered that I like both girls and boys. I didnt tell anyone because I knew the response I would get. And then I started going out with a girl, and after about a month people in school found out and felt like they needed to know EVERYTHING about our relationship. And people were wierd around me aswell after that. I suppose it wasnt full on homophobia but it was really upsetting at the time how these people judged me because I was with a girl.

And general prejudice is something I have experienced aswell, having moved schools and from area to area a few times. When I was 12 I moved to the north of england from the south. My accent was very different to the kids in my new school. On my third day, a girl decided that because I spoke differently, (and albeit a bit posher than they did because I was from an area where the queens english was spoken reasonably well with a regional accent)that I was a snob and I deserved to be put in my place. My fourth day in that school consisted of me hiding from bullies and then being beaten up in the toilets by them. This went on for… a year and 5 months. And then I moved schools because I could not take it anymore.

So for me, this isnt only something that I believe is wrong, but something I have suffered or witnessed first hand.
The fact that this group (or whatever it is) exists gives me hope that we’ll all achieve this together. :)

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