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Not everybody

is unreasonable or vicious. But not everybody’s cool, either.


“The work will teach you how to do it.”
- Estonian proverb

Haiku version of a longer one

My arranging your
Ex’s mom’s hydrangeas, dried –
What a mess that made.


Wrote a sort of elegy Saturday a week ago – the setting was NS. It’s far too real to post here.

All the times I’ve been to NS were with W and his merry band… The last time was some years ago. The people, this place I mourned in the poem had always been the locus of many of W’s dreams. He was the one who taught me you’re never too old to celebrate life and have dreams. And now, on Wednesday, W died. I just learned that he never went back up to his place in NS since that last trip.

It freaks me out a little, writing an elegy right before someone dies. It’s just a coincidence, but I see why there are so many superstitions and taboos around death and dying and their associated words.

Memorial in a few hours. It’s still not real. In the emotional sense.

It won't go in.

Took a friend to emergency room – while there got news another friend just died. His wife and family in emergency room across town. I just saw them a week or so ago, after a fairly long time…

It won’t go in. I have a little emotional response when I think of his grieving wife, but none to the event itself. All I can do is enjoy the rhythm of the words: “After a scratchy day, a rough night.” Which is both comforting and disturbing.

doing is gooder

It’s over here


I’m the lucky one
Living on kingfisher lane
At kingfisher creek!

Reflecting on things that don't necessarily fill me with gratitude. Wonder will do.

Reflecting tonight, writing in the morning:
1) more of jersey road trip 10/31-11/1 time changed
2) kamens at edge of the woods?
3) at once so alone, yet so interconnected

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