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Take my vitamins every day

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still doing ok, hardly ever miss a day anymore


it’s so easy to fall back off the vitamin wagon!!!


Ok, I’m pretty well trained now.


I still skip days in a row – but not giving up! Saw my friend J the other day – what a thrill to meet someone my age who is more health conscious than I am. If I could only have such beautiful skin and body as J does – not as the goal, but as evidence of taking such good care of oneself.

this week

every day – this is working!

what works

Having the containers near the coffeepot helps. I have a little pill holder with compartments – that’s handy for weeks when the mornings are going to be hectic. Need to find it.

Making a little daily list with vitamins on it helped. I want to check something off the list, vitamins is easiest item on list – voila. There were a couple of days I forgot in the morning, but by the end of the day I took them.

This is part of the ‘morning routine’ I’m trying to get going.

Cheers and comments helped, too. I should give some.

I've been working on this for awhile now

I feel so much better when I do certain things on a daily basis. Taking my vitamins is one of them. I fell off for a few weeks so it seemed time to make it a goal.

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