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create a backyard habitat for wildlife

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Anais Pinn, has written 2 entries about this goal

Okay, I really didn't do anything much.

Some bird feeders. The brush piles are maintained regularly by the neighbors. All sorts of critters hang around the brook. Deer, woodchucks, possums, coons, minky things, water snakes, snapping turtles, eels, fish, herons, raptors, ducks, mergansers, feeder birds, chipmunks, quite a variety. Mostly it’s the feral cats and stray pets that can be a problem. One year I overdid it with the bird feeders and there were rats, so I had to ease off for a few years.
The keys are to have water (brook) and shelter (brush piles). They pretty much came with the territory. Pretty good for living in a city.


My backyard is already a habitat for wildlife…wonder what I was thinking here… get my backyard certified as an official habitat for wildlife? Who knows. Anyway my “backyard” pretty much doesn’t belong to me…hmmm…

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