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Baby Oliver!

My cousin’s first baby was born today! Little baby boy called Oliver 7lbs 10…absolutely beautiful! May he be blessed in every way.

New subscription...

Someone new subscribed to me…and my heart actually nearly burst with happiness. I though people would be getting fed up and leaving me cause I havn’t been on a lot lately but instead I have someone new interested in my scummy life! =]


Two new subscribers today…wow! I feel rather loved =]

I've lost a subscriber =[

I’m rather disheartened…I wonder why they left me.


So I just found out that a so-called friend of mine went into my computer history while at my house, found my 43t name…went home searched for me and read all my entries.
Reading my stuff I could have dealt with because after all its on the internet and I have to respact the fact that there is a chance people I know could see it.
However it was the way she snooped through my computer…absolute cheek!
Also she went to my best friend afterwards and told her she was shocked by what she had read and anyone who seen it “wouldn’t want to know me”...
Blatent lies as I don’t think I’ve ever expressed anything untoward on this site!
Long and short of it is…you know who you are sweetie and if you back for another wee snoop and think you can make me look stupid of the back of it you can GET BENT!

I just spent...

a week helping out at a holiday bible club up the road from my house. I’m not particularly religious but found myself helping only because my family are affiliated to that church.

I was working with one little boy who is unable to speak other than the words yes or no, and the frustration that kid expressed was enough to have me in tears when I came home that day, yet he was the most intelligent 6 year old I have ever met.

Anyway I don’t want to ask people to pray because that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…but please keep those kids in your thoughts, they have so much ahead of them in the big bad world!


I got my AS level results yesterday…
2 Bs and 2 Cs…I’m rather proud of myself =]

I just need somewhere to vent right now...

So there is a guy whom shall remain nameless. I don’t know him well at all, infact I’ve met him maybe once or twice…but I swear he is the most lowdown person I have ever had the misfortune to come across in my life.
So firstly at a party when I was in no fit state to function and just was in need of someone to look after me this guy thought he could maybe get his wicked way. I was havin none of it…little angel that I am lol. I could honestly have forgiven that if he’d just cooled off, got over it, cuddled up and went to sleep but the guy blew his top. Basically we had an argument because he wasn’t getting any…but considering I’d just met the guy it just wasn’t happening.
So anyway ever since he has had a major problem with me…apparantly I’m a “stupid blonde attention seeking wanker”...I found that one quite ironic. And now has started having a go at a friend of mine who previously had a bit of an on-off thing with him…calling her a “stupid immature attention seeking c*nt”. This guy really has a way with words.

He actually makes my blood boil. And the thing is before I would have seen what he said about my friend and thought…”wonder what she’s done!?” but after being on the receiving end of his bullshit and realising just what a sad, pathetic person he is I know that he’s just one of those people who will cut another person for no reason. Makes me sick.

Just felt the need to get that out there…I don’t have room for negative people infringing their shit on my life…gotta let it go.

21 people in a toilet...

Today in school me and three of my friends started a little experiment. We decided to hide in the disabled toilet and whenever anyone went past recruited them wether they were willing or not! The object was too see how many people we could squeeze in…ended up with 21 of us squeezed in a pretty small space and my friend climbing on the back of the toilet in order to ‘crowd surf’ over us! You’d never believe we’re the oldest in the school…but still good times =]

Invisible much?

I’m just not feelin it these days…it’s like I’m not really here…

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