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Be abstinent from compulsive overeating on a daily basis

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AnneBeattie has written 6 entries about this goal

April 3rd

I am very bad at writing entries on here just now, mainly because I’m not doing too much to achieve my goals! I am doing okay with my eating but am not back to the abstinence I knew for so long last year. I did go through an awful time of compulsive overeating almost every day though but thankfully that seems to have passed. It has been a very unsettled year for me so far but I can feel the balance returning and hopefully my eating patterns will reflect that too.

Feb 22nd

I am struggling with my abstinence just now. It is so strange how my mind was in the right place for it for over 170 days and it really felt as if I could live this way for ever. Now I struggle to be abstinent for a day. When I find what it is that creates the mindset that makes abstinence feel so right, then I will let you know! For now, my mind is more on the side of excess food and I am willing that to change…

Feb 5th

My abstinence is not quite as it was before but I am doing okay and being gentle with myself which is the main thing. The worse you feel about eating too much, the more you want to eat! My weight is still stable so I am doing better than I maybe think I am. I am certainly learning alot about myself at the moment!

Feb 1st

I can’t say I have been doing very well with this goal. Once I get out of that abstinent frame of mind it is so tough to get back into it but I am definitely not giving up. I know I can do it and every day is a new day!

Still going!

Despite being rather stressed and occasionally wanting to eat the entire contents of the fridge, the cupboards and the supermarket I am doing okay with my eating! I always responded to stress by overeating, especially sweet and comforting food but now I know that it only alleviates the stress for a very short period and then it comes right on back – along with tons of guilt and physical discomfort from the excess food too! I know better now, so to paraphrase Maya Angelou, I will DO better…Today I have been abstinent and I am very grateful…


People on here who have followed my progress over the past months know that I am aiming to be abstinent from the compulsive overeating and eating disorders which have been part of my life for the past 31 years. I managed to reach 178 days of abstinence, even over the festive season without a glitch, until last night when I allowed over-tiredness and stress to lead me to making an unhealthy decision over some comfort food. However, it was one minor glitch and today is another day and an abstinent one too! I don’t feel bad about yesterday – it happened for a reason, it didn’t involve alot of food and it has taught me to watch out even more when I am overly stressed, as I am right now with revision for my University exams.

One day at a time I will be abstinent, as it is such a healthier and happier way of life for me than what I went through before…

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