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'cleansweep' my life up to 100% (

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AnneBeattie has written 3 entries about this goal

October 10th

Your Physical Environment Total is : 18
Your Money Total is 17
Your Well-being Total is 14
Your Relationships Total is 12

TOTAL = 61

An improvement on the last time!

August 14th

So much for doing this every month! Here are the results for seven months later!!

Your Physical Environment Total is : 15
Your Money Total is : 18
Your Well-being Total is ; 12
Your Relationships Total is : 11
TOTAL = 56


This is my first assessment on january 15th 2008, so we’ll see if i can improve anything!
Your Physical Environment Total is : 14
Your Well-being Total is 10
Your Money Total is 19
Your Relationships Total is 12

My total is 55. It says most people improve their score by 2-6 points per month so I will be back next month to try again!

AnneBeattie has gotten 16 cheers on this goal.


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