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Practice random acts of kindness

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Well, maybe not "random"

But I do try to be kind. I hope that little things like loaning my cell phone to a total stranger count. She was behind me in line at traffic court. Then when she couldn’t find anyone who could come and rescue her, I gave her a dollar for bus fare to get to work. I think that I’ll continue to look for opportunities to practice random acts of kindness even without keeping this as an active goal.

Wikipedia definition

“A random act of kindness or RAoK is a selfless act performed by kind people to either help or cheer up a random stranger, for no reason other than to make people happier.”

This is the concept that I’ve always had. To be a RAoK, it has to be something for a stranger. Doing kind things for friends or family is wonderful, but not a random act of kindness.

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