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Stop being depressed

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Apchue has written 5 entries about this goal

So after
A lot of tries and “breaking downs” at those tries, I think I found some kind of a balance, and it leans more to the positive side.
What helped me the most was
  • stop thinking bad, sad and desparate thoughts all the time and replacing them (it was also less than easy) with positive thougths. For example – “I’m so pathetic” was replaced by “I’m a real wonderful, funny and special person, a lot of people love and appreciate my great qualities, for example (...) and (...)”
  • a gigantic support from the Love Of My Life, who kept calming me, cheering me up and reminding me to take everything easier and remember it’s not that bad”.

next goal will be – keep living with positive thinking, positive affirmations, and make the negative and depressing thoughts stay out of my head.

Been working on this

All January, and got on pretty well, though the last week was a down without any obvious reason…
It’s not that I’m done with this goal, I’ll probably have to work on this my entire life
But it’s worth it…

I have to admit

That this goal is also not going anywhere…
But I want to change it.
Steps in doing this:

  • Think positevely. All the time. And if I have a bad thought, immediately replace it with a nice one.
  • Be ok with myself. Not listen to people that tell me how bad I am (parents mostly). Though this can be a problem, I can’t ignore everything, maybe they’re right, and then what?
  • Distract myself – Do things, go out, read books, everything that’ll distract me from all this thinking.
  • Do yoga at home, the anti-depression complex. at least twice a week (in addition to the yoga class).
  • work on all my goals, be patient if I can’t accomplish them just yet. And stay cheerful .

Easier said than done

Everything looks grey and black right now.

No job, no life, boring and apathic

I will be happy

I can
It’s not just me
I affect people who care for me… When I’m sad they’re a bit sad too.
I know that when I’m happy I can make others happy
I can be the sunshine for people if I just want to and not concentrate on my own troubles (some of them imaginated)
When I’m OK it’s much easier for me to help other people, it’s even more sincere somehow because I don’t think about myself while helping them.

Not sure I’ve said that clearly enough but the bottom line is that one of the steps to get myself out of this depressive mud will be this ^

The understanding that I can make others really happy
Just by being happy myself

Then I can love … Truly and without all the complicated issues that stand in the way…

It’s something that gives me the motivation to get out of depression

Maybe that’s what I need..

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