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have a close bond with the goddess Nyx

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i finally feel the relation between me and Nyx!!!
I so feel like taking a run through the night!
Goes and runs like a maniac
P.S. I made a chatzy link for all of us and here it is:


Me too! I apologize waiting at the last minute.
I get kind of shy. Again deeply sorry!

Anyways, at first i thought that i had a very close bond with Zeus.
I guess i don’t anymore.
Instead of feeling to wind and electricity through my veins,
All i feel is darkness,
And laying on the ground seeing the beautiful night and stars,
I had a choices either being Wiccan/Christian.
But I had on interest in any.
Sometimes i feel stressed,
I can’t just go up to my mom,(who is dead)
or my dad,(who is in prison for beating and neglecting me)
I am too shy!
I am alone!!!!
I can only open up to nature, and communicate with it,
I have that same strong feeling with night.
My dad is finally calming down,
I am soo glad!
But the question is will he continue be a criminal?
I do believe in him though!

Every day i write poetry on expressing my emotions,
In the night!

For now I will remain in the night! :)

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