As a Phoenix Rising in San Luis Obispo is doing 16 things including…

stay in an ice hotel

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As a Phoenix Rising has written 22 entries about this goal

The night time low

For my stay in the ice hotel is minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day time dog sledding will be in a sweltering 16 degrees.


I love this trip already.

I love that i am doing this trip. The interactions are so much different as a solo traveler. Those young whippersnappers are so helpful and kind to me.

The Adventure

Truly is. Grateful for a delayed plane. It gives me time to have my first meal of the day.

"do not worry about

The minus ten degrees temperature. That is a nice winter day in Quebec”

the email reply came when I suggested, if need be, I was available a day earlier (as it was the only day forecasted without snow and temperature didn’t have a minus sign in front of it.)

this california girl is going to be cold!


Its gonna be hecka cold.
Cold and Silliness.
A perfect combination.

My snow type clothes

arrived Just In The Nick of Time!

I booked my dog sledding


How cool is my life!


ohmygosh this trip is a heartbeat away

I seriously should figure out the warmest clothes this california coast girl has and pack them this weekend.

Oh, and pack for the work trip too. That comes first. even though its my lower priority. hee hee hee


I bought gloves that have an exhale heating system which allows you to inject a quick blast of warm air into your hand without removing your gloves (you can use your breath to warm up your hands through a little disc) and you can use your iphone without taking off your gloves (excellent since I decided that taxis will be much safer and less expensive than renting a car), a hat like you see “everyone” wear (but cuter!) and boots that will keep my feet warm when it gets down to minus 32 degrees. I don’t know if that is F degrees or C degrees, but either way, it seemed like a good thing. =) And I think they will stop me from slipping and sliding in the snow.

and… everything was at TJ MAXX so I spent less on everything! Which meant I spent hardly anything at all! Yippee!

The Winter Ice Festival is on during my stay

and there are a zillion things to do!

Dog sledding, sleigh rides, ice slides, snow rafting, snow sculptures, dance parties, canoe races, skating competitions, everything you can’t even imagine!

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