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Read Miss Mackenzie by Anthony Trollope

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I loved every moment

Of this book. Once i was accustomed to the language of the mid 1800’s in was a captivating read.

I finished it at a diner while the house was being shown.

All is well, miss Mackenzie shall live happily ever after, and so shall I.

( have i ever mentioned i have the best secret santa in the world? Yep. Two years running now:)

things certainly are not

looking up for Miss Mackezie. poor dear!

I am so totally captivated by this book now!

I read hours last night.

Today, between “everything else” I’ve committed to on this “non-work day” (Thank you budget cuts!!!) I am sneaking a read.

I’m in chapter XXVII (27) The Negro Soldiers’ Orphan Bazaar.
Ohmygosh, poor dear miss mackenzie!

I confess

It seem Miss Mackinzie and i are somewhat two peas in a pod.

I am still

really enjoying this book!

beginning page 4

miss mackenzie is beginning to settle in to littlebath!

I am so enjoying this book!

Have I ever mentioned I have the bestest Secret Santa on earth?

This book is so….. somehow echos my own existence in a really broad way.

Here she is beginning a one after previously living a life of which she had no control. In her new life she has full control and plenty of money.

Which means men that were not interested in her before, are now. Relatives come to her so she will save their business.

She is inexperienced with such situations. Life it grand, but a struggle.

I’ve hardly begun the book. It is slow reading, but I love it!

Miss Mackenzie has

had a hum drum life caring for her invalid father and then brother. Now, at 36 he has passed on and to the dismay of all other relations has received his assets. This amounts to 800 pounds a year which is, in those days, rather wealthy.

She has accepted her 16 year old neice to be her companion. she has promised to raise her and when she grows up and leaves to give her the sum of 500 pounds. This amount was generous and what caused her older brother and sister-in-law to part with their own (least liked as she was heavy and not all that pretty) daughter to miss mackenzie.

Miss M considered living in London, where other relations might welcome her being near, but the response was lukewarm so she decided to settle in Littlebath, thinking it would be smaller and more manageable given she now had to manage her own life. she has never hire nor fired household help, been to the assembly rooms or even dined socially at another’s home. she is a bit terrified. it is as if she is Alice down the rabbit hole!

Looking forward to more reading this weekend.

I so enjoying this book

I look forward to each time I have a bit of time to read. The language is old style, so it is not a fast read. I have to let my mind…. so of translate as I read.

It is a delicious book that I simply sink in to.

Have I mentioned I had a Wonderful Secret Santa this year?

I began reading last night

I’m intrigued.

The style of speaking is different in cadence and style. I’m getting my mind in sync with it.

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