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Send Smiles and Cheer all around the world by sharing in the 2011 43Things Holiday Card Exchange

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Had a blast doing this!

I received tons of really amazing and creative cards! I sent out as many as I could this year and found this to be a very fun goal! I look forward to it next year :-) Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thank you all again for the cards<3

Got more! ~

from Lob & Alter_eggo

Thank you for the lovely cards!!

I have a few more cards

that I received since I last wrote here from Amy G ,Dreamer7787 , and Wren

All beautiful cards with lovely messages!!

I’m hoping to get the rest of my cards out soon. I have been slacking with this again but I must make that trip to the Post Office (Need more stamps!) soon to finish these up for everyone :-)

Got another!

Another card today came from Power of Frisky !

Very pretty card/envelope and I loved the Holiday wishes enclosed :)

I recieved another card today!

From Wild Rice


  • On another note ~ my 10 cards have now been mailed! I can’t wait until everyone receives their cards! :)

Sending some out today!

I’m sending out 10 cards today. More on the way very soon!

I recieved my first card yesterday!

From As a Phoenix Rising !

Thank you for the card ♥ ~ it brightened up my day since I haven’t been feeling too well. It is now on display on top of my desk :)


I'm ready!

I have enough cards so far to send one to everyone. I just need to get some postage stamps so I can start on these. I’m very excited to be participating this year!

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