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I’m so confused right now. How come it feels like having a dream is too expensive? I just wanna feel alive. I want to do things that inspire me. I want to live out my dream. I don’t wanna be where I am now but its not that easy to turn away..I don’t wanna be here right now.Now I suddenly find myself in a hurry to grow up. Excited of the things I’m gonna learn and understand cos right now its all too blurry..

putting it on hold...

till i can win the battle I’m in now…one at a time seems to be the only way i could breathe..maybe someday i could live out my dreams but not now..its too costly..I’m too scared..

walk the talk

This is me:plan..plan..plan..and never do anything about it or if I actually do start I never finish it.I feel like there’s always something stopping me.I always seem to have reasons not to do what I want.I’m full of excuses basically or full of crap that is. There’s a lot I’d like to do but still here I am praying to God and hoping that tomorrow I’d get off my lazy ass and actually do it.

I somehow feel like I’m postponing my life you know. So when will I start?!

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