AwesomeLurker is doing 36 things including…

hate lordbeardclaw


AwesomeLurker has written 3 entries about this goal

You're a moron

I was talking about you OceaEcco.
Dude, DUDE you’re a fucking hypocrite. Why do you keep writing entries about the dude and make this goal?

Shit man, you’re a fucking idiot.

EDIT: I’m also not LBC’s “buddy”, just because I talk to him every now and then doesn’t make us buddies. So what, people can talk to anyone anymore?

“I wish Lordbearclaw & AwesomeLurker would get a fuckin life! ”
Irony. Pure sheer, delicious irony.

I also have looked in your activity and realized that you’ve been spamming my entries.
Enjoy your ban.


Look, dude. You’re a coward. You’re nothing but a faceless bastard that get your jollies off in blocking in replying to people knowing damned well that they can’t reply to you.

Grow a fucking pair.

That and you delete half of your comments on other entires.:/


Or I can report you all for harassment towards another user.


I want to:
43 Things Login