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play halo

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All Hail the Xbox

I’m happy to announce the newest addition to our family arrived at 12:25 last night. My brother is the proud adoptive father of an Xbox 360, and we here in the family couldn’t be more proud. To make the transition easier for the other little ones in the house, I have offered to take Jon’s older XBox under my wing. This will prevent feelings of jealousy and abandoment from welling up for the older Xbox sibling, and it will give me more time to bond with it.

translation—I now have an Xbox at my disposal, so maybe I can stop sucking at Halo :)

i have succumbed

i got my ass handed to me in halo last night. Being that it was my first time playing, that outcome is to be expected. However, there is no longer an excuse; I must evolve or die.

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