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learn to snowboard

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If we would get some winter weather

I’d be all over this goal :(

When the weather is more wintery

I’ll see if Blake wants to get together and take a lesson. It’s good socializing motivation, and I know he wants to learn to snowboard too.

i never watch the olympics

but i was flipping channels and have been watching the snoboarding halfpipe event. Unreal. I just wanna be able to get down a mountain without killing myself. maybe this season…

If I could afford a mini-vacay...

I would totally love to do this 3-day $90 thing i keep hearing about on the radio. It’s for a mountain about 2 hrs from here, near where i used to live, and for the $90, you get lessons rentals and a lift ticket. The mountain’s not shabby,as far as I know, it’s just trying to keep up w/ Mountain Creek. I dunno how long the season is, but maybe i could pull together some money and try it, i want to learn so bad!!

aka "falling with style"

So I’ve heard this snowboarding thing is fun. All the young kids seem to dig it (haha, I’m only 23). Word on the street, tho, is that you need to possess a certain degree of coordination to get the hang of it. No worries. After a few hours on the slopes, I’m sure I’ll be falling on my face and breaking my bones with the best of them. ;)

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