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One whole day spent doing nice things for strangers in community!

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So right now I’m trying to get inspired, and I’m listening to this book on tape by Deepak Chopra. It is read by him, and there is something so soothing about his voice… it brings me back to my time in India and is so comforting.

Basically I am hit or miss on 43 things, and I absolutely LOVE this site, and everything that it is about.. and I love looking up others and getting inspired by them. SO back to the book on tape… he mentions that to do something, repetition is great because the more we do something, the more dendrites and connections we make that then make it easier to continue the activity.. much like people who smoke (Which i have been clean and clear from for almost 8 months now!!) the activity itself is stuck in a pattern of repetition, and all the connections in your brain are already formed, thus making it a behavior to be easily repeated….

so my trying to manipulate this knowledge is by setting up rituals for positive things that bring me joy… such as being on this website. So today is day one. we will see how it goes. But I’m trying to manipulate a goal a day, easy goals of course… but here goes! Today is all about doing nice things for anyone that comes in my path…

and luckily I work right downtown (Berkeley) and there are PLENTY of people to come across. I can’t wait. I’m about to head to work and ride BART, plenty of people to meet there :) I love you guys. Thanks for being on this site.

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