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Complete the P90X program

15 cheers


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Bit of weight gain :/

I’m blaming it on all the exercise i’ve been getting, and how much muscle I must have been gaining :)

I like this quote to keep me balanced…

“there is more to who you are than your body, intellect, and emotions”

End of week 2

Some definition in abs, not much but Ive heard the results start showing after 4th week.

Please don’t be offended by the picture, it’s so I document the progress, sorry if it offends you. It’s my way of keeping a visual tracker of my progress.

had to start over!

i got sick for two whole darn weeks. there is a flu epidemic where i live, it has been awful.

so. back on track! DAY 4 :) Yoga today.


i had to restart because the holidays threw me off. I was 30 days in! darn….

that’s okay :)

I am being more gentle with myself… and this re-starting of the program is actually much easier.. making it more likely I will finish the 90 days :) I am feeling such an improvement :)

I can’t wait to see what happens at the end of 90 days!

ON day 2 today.. and I am keeping an online food journal which is helping me eat healthy as well.. because whats the point in working out hard and then eating nasty stuff?

day 2 finished!

I am soooo sore this morning! BUT I also feel sooo good that my fiance and I are doing this together!

It feels so good in the moment to be doing something good for our bodies instead of feeding it horrible food…. be good to your bodies! It feels great :)

starting today!

I got my reluctant fiance to join me! We worked out a schedule that works for both of us, and we are starting today!! Hooray! :)

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