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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it (with a fun picture attached)everyday for a year

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Doctors who know what they are doing

Spend some time in the hospital last week. It is nice to know that there are doctors (psych) who know what they are doing. I feel so much more in control and that makes me happy!

My home office

I made myself a home office in a dormer window space and I love it and it makes me happy! Everyone needs a space of their very own.

1/9/08 Life Changing Events

Life is too short to do what you hate…I’ve walked away from my ‘career’ in emergency preparedness…on to simpler things and that will make me and keep me happy!

1/28/08 Got a Funk On...

Stay positive…tomorrow is another day and that makes me happy because tonight I give up…good-night my 43s.

1/14/08 MJ Bowling

MJ bowled a 180 on Wii. She has no clue that bowling that score is really good, but, I know, and that makes me happy!

1/10 Meeting Chair

I chaired my first Emergency Preparedness Committee meeting this morning. Still glad to have left ‘Mean Boss’ behind! Saw her earlier in the week and I acted like she was invisible and that all makes me happy!

1/5 Dog Grooming

Hannah left this morning for the groomers looking like a total wreck and what came back was a gorgeous dog and that makes her more cuddly and makes me happy.

Giving the gift of life

Donating blood for the 1st time wasn’t all that hard…had to deal with a mild case of dehydration but by the next day all was well. Knowing that my pint of blood can help up to 3 people makes me happy!

12/24/07 Artful

Gave Chris’s mom a special handmade gift…she cried…said it made her feel special.

12/23/07 Xmas Parties

I have been to several delightful parties where the spirit of Christamas has been in the air. So much love, joy, and caring.

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