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Keep a proper blacklist

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Mad as a wet hen

Thank you B. Ward for rear ending my car. I hate it when driver’s don’t have car insurance….and then try and tell me it’s nothing…it is my car and I make the payments so STFU!

Now I have said it ....

I recently saw the posting on the web site for Sharon H
current position. As you probably know, I left in October for a position at *. Resigning my position as Emergency Management Specialist was directly a result of Sharon H
inappropriate and mean-spirited behavior toward me.

I know that I am not the first employee that she has treated in this way. I am hopeful that you had an opportunity to talk with * about the CD I had recorded of some of the inappropriate comments she made to me. There was an on-going pattern of behavior that created a hostile work environment and that is why I left .

There is a group of talented people working in * the
Emergency Preparedness Program who are disillusioned by their lack of support and guidance from Sharon H lack of leadership. They are willing and able to do a superb job on behalf of *
if given the opportunity. I hope that you will take these comments into consideration before rewarding Sharon H with the position of Emergency Chief. Her behavior is abhorrent and a disservice to the citizens of ***.

Mean Boss

This is the place where I can be nasty and ugly without recrimination. Mean Boss’s job has been posted and she wasn’t even told so I hope that means her ass is soo out of there.

P.S. I don’t work there anymore.


I hate this insurance company…they refuse to pay my claims. I have talked to them over and over and over…GO TO FRIGGINHELL HEALTHCHOICE!

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