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FINALLY! I found someone that can make bangles that will fit and not slide right off my wrists! Yippee! Kicks up heels…(Most silversmiths make them too large for my wrist.)

I am actually going to get the whole set in the photo, bangles, one set of stackable rings, necklace and earrings, as a treat, a belated birthday gift. (I prefer silver to gold, and rustic styling and detailing over too much and too elaborate ornamentation.)


Lavender Cottage Jewelry, Google it!

Bee's got a brand new bag

...tote bag, that is.

SMATERIA. Made in Cambodia, out of recycled mosquito netting. They have a whole line of bags made with it. Clever.

I do ponder…do they have such a surplus of this material that they have the luxury of being able to use it in creative ways too? I mean, hopefully there’s still enough of it to go around to be used for its primary purpose. I am perhaps giving it too much thought, but there’s enough material on this bag to cover the head and torso of a traveller en route to Angkor Wat who may be trying to sleep soundly thru the night without the potential threat of incurring a malarial inducing bite on her pilgrimage…..

Anyway, I love it. I am sorry, in advance, if on a pilgrimage to Angkor Wat you get bitten by a mosquito who gives you malaria because there was a shortage of mosquito netting on the bed at the guesthouse. My bad…..

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is probably my all-time favourite symbol, along with spirals of all kinds….

So, I purchased a pendant, & earrings….lovely. Each about the size of a dime. I’ll wear the pendant on black silk cord.

It was part of Today’s Treat. (The other being a sparkly cupcake.)

Yummy fun 4

More Elaelith (see previous post)

One of these outfits would be so much fun at a party…......

Yummy fun 3

Also via DeviantArt…

Here’s her site:

Fun, fun, fun. Some of her pieces are just so dang fun. Like these, don’t care for the belt though, I’d ditch that for another. Black, silver buckle.

Fetishist chic.

Yummy fun 2

FFBDESIGNS.COM (via DeviantArt)

These are just TOO fun, and with that corset….oy mami.

Yummy fun 1

from FFBDESIGNS.COM (via DeviantArt)

Some of their designs are so cute….some just over the top, but the right person could wear any of it. I found a few pieces I’d wear, but the rest are best left to gothic or anime youth….

I’d wear this one though.


I need a new black beret. I LOVE the one I have, but I have had it for over 15 years and what was once jet black is now less black…..If I lost it or it fell apart I’d be bereft, distraught! It is my “go to” hat.

I have had such a hard time finding another like it…no, all beret’s are not alike! This one is not as baggy around the sides as many others, nor does it have that little acorn stem thing on top. I bought it at the Gap….jeeze maybe it is more than 15 years old, I may have even gotten it in my last year at college!!! The Gap doesn’t carry them anymore….hasn’t for years. I wish I’d gotten several….oh well…..anyway…I cannot find another one like it at all…...it is also made of a cotton blend, has a snug non-stretchy band and a great lining and has stood the test of time really well. I want another! EXACTLY like it. LOL Alas….I have been looking for YEARS.

Sigh…..oh where oh where have such black berets gone, oh where oh where can they beeeeeeeeeeeeee…...

It’s similar to the beret in this photo. anybody know where I can get one like it?

Next order of

wardrobe business, new black flare jeans…..snug thru hips & thighs, low rise….

If you wear flares, do you have any favourite brands? That don’t cost a small fortune?


treated myself to another lovely drapey scarf….

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