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Believe in myself

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Overcome resistance from family and friends

Having traditional family members can suck at times, because they have a set way that they expect everyone to do things.

So if you want to draw your own map in life and do things your own way, your family members put poisonous thoughts in your head about how you’re a weirdo and doomed to fail because you want to be an artist instead of an accountant.
In their own way, they are just just trying to keep you from being hurt. But it hurts worse to live to please others, and bending yourself to fit the mold can break you.

So my challenge is to remember that not being what someone expects me to be ,does not make me a bad person. It’s my job to create a happy life for my daughter and myself and I can do that while being 100 percent real, and I don’t have to be married, conservative, obedient or a professional corporate anything.

Because being a creative weirdo is my true nature and repressing my true nature is not living.

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