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Babygirlgreens in Austin is doing 11 things including…

overcome depression and anxiety

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I’ve made a huge stride toward this goal by having work- enough work to pay the bills, be independent, and have money to manage. Getting off the couch and out of the house has been huge for me. I didn’t realize just having work would lift my mood so much. My confidence is back to what it was in High School-before the reality of life and making it stomped me down.


I didn’t end up doing the program regularly. BUT!! I know work an overnight 12hr shift taking care of an elderly couple. They sleep most of the time and I need things to do, so it creates a perfect space for doing the program. Also, I feel the time is right.

Finally Starting

I live in a house with my boyfriend now and we have a big screen tv and DVD player. We started the program yesterday together. I feel really good about it and know thatthis will be a successful and life changing experience. It takes 30min- 1hr everyday for a about 3months. I have the dedication and stability to completely do the whole program. Yesterday we watched the 45min DVD intro. Tonight we will read the into pamphlet and listen to the relaxation CD, do audio session #1, and get into the online support group.

Broken DVD player

:-( My only DVD player is on my computer and it is broken. That was how I was able to play the CDs and DVDs for the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program that I spent so much money on. So I put it on a to-do list to get this fixed on my computer. but who knows when I’ll be able to do that?


I have dedicated myself to this and am putting energy toward it everyday. I am noticing the characteristics in my self that are creating the depression and anxiety. I am learning how to breathe and relax. I am catching my anxious thoughts. I am moving along with the program every day.

Day 8

I would like to put more effort into this program- more effort than I gave it this week. I spent about 4 hours on getting it started on day 1. I listened to the relaxation CD twice this week, but it’s supposed to be 3 times a day at first. So that is a new goal for me. I wrote in a journal once and I contemplated the 1st week’s lesson. As I move on to the next session, week 2, I would like to re-dedicate myself to this. To doing the relaxation CD 3 times a day, checking in with my online peer group three times a day, and journaling regularly.

4pm- I started session 2 today and did the workbook for session 1. Yay me!

Day 1

I am starting my “Attacking Anxiety and Depression” program today.


So as I read over my goals on this site, I see this one and its just a reminder to me for now.

I read in the book Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by -, that we choose how much stress to let into our lives. I believe this.
Here are some ways that I’m practicing this:

I have chosen not to have children for a long while (although I understand that there are suprizes- in fact, I was a suprize) I should restate that by saying: I have been lucky to not get pregnant or have to take care of any young family at this point.

I don’t have a TV. Commercials stress me out! Most of them are dumb and its just information overload for me. Too much, too loud, too fast, too meaningless. And I don’t watch stressful movies or TV shows. The stress that I experience is directly related to my own real life, not ficticious situations. Some people destress by watching drama or horror, but I am just too physiologically empathetic for it.

I don’t have a job. How freakin frackin lucky am I??!!!

I am choosing to eat better. Much much better. This eliminates some physiological stress. Although, it is a tad stressful to make such a major lifestyle and to have to deal with the lack of using food for comfort.

I take it easy. I don’t take on projects or make a lot of plans.

If there is someone in my life who is bringing me down and the relationship is no longer simbiotic and healthy, I let them go. Peacefully and lovingly and without drama, I just let them go…
The people that I CHOOSE to surround myself with are supportive people and the relationships are healthy.

I’ve improved on being present. No worries about tomorrow. Just faith and enjoying the now.

Currently my stresses are:

Home projects
Taking hold of my health and eating habbits
New man in my life

I have this Attacking Anxiety and Depression CD set. I did the first couple of CDs and it really made a huge difference for me. I feel that doing the whole set (which is quite extensive) will be a major stepping stone for me. It will teach me to think differently and consequently, change my phisiology.

Something instinctual tells me, though, that starting it now would be a bad idea. Of course on the intoduction CD, they say that there is no “perfect” time to start it except now. But I disagree. I want to really dedicate my energy and time to doing the program routinely and go really deep with it. THAT is a stress, because it is emotionally and mentally taxing, as well as a time consumption.

Soooo I would like to finish my home projects first. I can just see myself relaxing into this program in an apartment that is finished with door knobs on the doors and walls that are painted solidly. Its the little things sometimes.

I would also like to get my financial life in check, no pun intended.

And I would like to have solidified my lifestyle changes in the way of eating right, excersizing daily, and drinking enough water, as well as taking probiotics and enzymes.

Then, when I am settled phisologically, fanancially, and in my immediate environment, I would like to spend time daily on this CD set. After the CD set, I would like to:

Replace my CD set time with daily meditation time
See a counselor to get through phobia counsling
See a counselor about various issues from my past
Eventually get off of medication (whenever the time is right)

When I’ve done all of these things (perhaps making them individual goals on 43things), then I will be able to ask myself if I have “overcome depression and anxiety.” Writing is a very important part of this process, I think.

Its mid-September now. I think I will be financially stable and done with my apartment by the end of November. The apartment may not have everything just perfect, but I want the painting part to be over. After finals would be a great time to start this set!


I have an “overcoming depression and anxiety” CD set that is supposed to work absolute wonders, but I keep putting it off because I feel overwhelmed by it. <-not being ficisious, although that is kinda funny…

AND!! I am on day 17 of the Master Cleanse detox, so that is a big step in the right direction biologically.

And!! Being on the MC has remedied my addiction to caffine, which is one of the first steps in the CD set, and the step that tripped me up the last time I attempted to literally “get with the program.”

My habit of eating out of bordom has also gotten some real objective observation since I am not allowed to eat on this cleanse. Eating was something that muted the dulldrums…
Now eating healthy is something that will DELIVER me from them!

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