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ride my bike everywhere

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We rode the bike to the park yesterday for a festival

It was really nice on the way there. It was crazy hot on the way home and I just didn’t plan well enough, I kind of rushed getting out the house to “beat the heat” but the heat wasn’t going anywhere, I really needed to have eaten something for lunch, because despite having drank quite a bit of water I still got really dehydrated and overheated.
It was just plain stupid and I know better. I’m proud that we got out and “just did it” but I’m not so proud that it got really yucky at the end, I could have planned better or made different decisions about how to get home.

Live and learn…

I'm parking the car from Wed. night until Mon. morning...

It’s going to be walk, ride the bike or take the bus for those 4 days. I need to kick the car habit!!

rode my bike to the library

it’s a fairly short ride, but it’s a start. Felt great…let’s see how the ride home is, i know it’s uphill!

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