serge in Makati is doing 40 things including…

Lose 30 pounds

3 cheers


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back to work

ok out of holiday mode. Last big party (Karina’s wedding ) done.
Now back to work.
Resuming T25 tomorrow

First Quarter Goal for 2014

to start the year:

Monthly Target: 7-10 lbs a month

January : Shaun T25 Alpha Tania 5x a week
Swim 16 laps on Weekend
Bike 10K on Weekend

Febuary: Shaun T25 Beta (Tania) 5X a week
Weights 3x a week evenings
Swim 18 laps weekend
Bike 15K

March: Shaun T25 Gamma (Tania) 5x a week
Weights 3x a week evenings
Swim 20 laps weekend
Bike 18k Weekend

April: Shaun T25 Gamma (Tania) 5x a week (am)
Weights 3x a week evenings
Swim 25 laps weekend
Bike 20k Weekend


I’ve been trying Xenical and different brands of Orlisatat for the past few months already

different type of exercise

have been doing swimming in the early am. did 3x last week. will try to shoot for 5x this week. will also try to throw in light exercise in pm after work . have lost and held off two pounds already, despite big party on weekend (mine) ;)

Back to Business

At 219 lbs this is the heaviest I have been.
I am back on track to loose a total of 60 lbs. This Year. Initial goal will be 30 lbs by July.
I am starting with an initial goal of working out 4x a week on weekdays. With a sports bonus on weekends.
My program will be Mon Fri Weights and Tues – Thurs Hip Hop. I am using the iOS app Vitogo for the weights and the Nike NPT Boom for motivationals. So Far, I like it :)

gained back

I gained back about 14 over 6 months. Now starting another push to lose another 30

22 pounds today

have lost 27 lbs at peak through hcg diet. I gained back 5. Short term, survive holiday season. Max diet and kettlebells in January

midway through

halfway through Hcg diet. Despite lots of cheats have lost 14.7 pounds. Will strive to go the rest of the way with rigorous adherence to protocol. Renewed Sexy Chef until end of diet. Will also amp up exercise level.

Hcg diet

Started hcg diet two weeks ago. Despite some cheats , stillnhave lost 12 pounds. Still have 19 days to go

Earnest Effort for the End of the Year

I have gone back to the Herbalife program but full on this time. I am getting the full package complete with Nutrition Coach and strict diet. Am now working hard to cut down on drinking for maximum effect. Wish me luck!

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