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Not good

Still not doing a good job with being social and having a boyfriend. I will set some lunches, dinners up with friends for next week.


I need to learn how to be social while being in a relationship

Week of 9/19/11 -9/25/11

Monday: Dinner with a friend
Tuesday: Nothing, cancelled my personal trainer… my headache was too bad
Thursday: Getting my nails done, I talk with the person that does my nails.
Friday: Lunch with friends and then going to the movies with friends in the evening
Saturday: Hanging out with a friend, going to see some type of fight… not sure I’ll like that, but I’d said I’d go.
Sunday: Out to lunch with friends

Week of 9/12/11 – 9/18/11

Monday: A friend is coming over to fix my internet
Tuesday: Gym with my personal trainer
Thursday: Dinner with a friend
Friday: Dinner with an old friend, that I have not seen since middle school
Saturday: Going to a wine festival with a friend

Week of 9/5/11 – 9/11/11

Tuesday: Out to lunch with co-workers and then dinner with friends
Friday: Out to lunch with friends and then hanging out with friends
Saturday: Volunteering at the farmers market and then meeting some friends at the mall for a late lunch
Sunday: going to the zoo with friend and her kids

Week of 8/29/11 – 9/4/11

Tuesday: Gym with my personal trainer
Wednesday: Dinner with friends
Thursday: Lunch with a friend
Friday: Lunch with… an X
Saturday: dancing with friends
Sunday: Going on a hike and dinner (2nd date with this someone)


September is almost here and my mom is no longer visiting… I hope that I can start this up again and be more social.

Aug 2011

Might not be that social this month, my mom is here and I want to spend time with her.

Week of 7/25/11-7/31/11

Tuesday: Gym with my personal trainer
Thursday: Got my nails done, hey I talk to the person doing my nails – even went and got her a cup-cake, it was her b-day
Saturday: out with friends for dinner and hanging out.
Sunday: Mom and my aunt came to town.

Week of 7/18/11-7/24/11

Tuesday: Gym with my personal trainer
Wed: Happy Hour with 10 X-coworkers, some I have not seen for 4yrs
Thursday to Sunday: at the beach with 5 friends.

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