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Write one thing that I like about myself each day.

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Bblouder has written 242 entries about this goal

Caring Heart

I am liking my caring heart. My friend’s grandpa passed away last week. I met him once and I really enjoyed meeting him… so I sent my friend and her family an email about how their grandpa touched my life… my email was read at his eulogy. When you care, you touch people’s life’s

Me time

I like that I still find the time for… ‘me time’
Everyone needs it.

What’s not to like

Many times I will sit and think, and come up empty handed with this goal. But today I like me. I like what I stand for, I like how I treat others, and I like who I want to become. I might not be the prettiest, but being pretty doesn’t tell people that I am kind. I might not be the smartest, but I am always trying to learn new things. I like the person I am today, all of me…. who would have thought that I would ever wright those words?


I like that I am learning how to be silly.


I like that I think of others and care how they feel.


Today I like my laugh, which has recently been called… you have an addictive laugh


I like that I always try to do things that will not hurt someone’s feelings. But I do realize sometimes, just sometimes no matter what you do, someone will be hurt.

Do anything

I like that I would do anything for a friend.
But I wonder sometimes, if I know how to say no.

Something I like…. And about myself….

I’ll tell you how it is, but not in a way that will hurt your feelings.


I like that I wear my heart on my sleeve, you’ll always know where I stand on my feelings.

Bblouder has gotten 46 cheers on this goal.


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