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get over him

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Bblouder has written 19 entries about this goal

Little by little

When I find myself thinking of him… I tell myself to move on
When I find my thoughts are stuck on memories of our time together… I tell myself to move on
When I find myself missing his kisses, his touch, his skin, his laugh… I tell myself to move on
Little by little… I will move on

His name was mentioned

I went to lunch with a friend and his name was mentioned
My heart skips a beat
I still think of him, often, but I know he and I will never be
We had our time together and I am happy for those moments. By saying this, am I moving on?
I know I will move on and think of him less… but sometimes I wish I would get there a little faster.

3 steps forward and then 5 steps backward

Now that ‘V’ IM’d me, I find myself logging onto Gmail and staying logged on all day to see if he will send me a message again… so sad!


Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great. – Kenny Rogers


Believe me I debated if I should have canceled my date for Saturday night.
I was started feeling that I could not move forward if I was not moving forward with “V”.
But I didn’t cancel and had a lovely evening with a real gentlemen.
It might not go anywhere or maybe it will, all I know is that I took a real big step of getting over “V” by going on this date.


So I’m going on a date Saturday night and ever since I’ve know I’m going on this date, I’ve been having dreams of “V”. (the man I’m trying to get over).

I know it’s just because I still want to be with him, (“V”)and I’m scared to go on my 1st day in 2 years.

But then today, I was on gmail and “V” IM’d me.
We talked for a few minutes
He still has that power over me… even when he’s across the world for work, and after a few minutes by IMing back and forth… he makes me feel high, like I’ve taken a happy pill.

I know this will set me back… I have to be strong and not think of him… I have to be strong and not cancel my date for Saturday night!!


I was busy this weekend and thought of him less. I can only hope that this is the start of something wonderful…. less, a little less, and then never!

Stop it

I know that he has a new woman in his life and I know that he is out of the country for work… then why do I take the long way into work, just so I can drive past his house, hoping we’ll see each other?
Today is the last day, Tomorrow I will not be taking the long way into work any more… GET OVER HIM

Two Years

You would think with the two years that have past… I would be over him… I am not… But I am working on it.

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