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BeautifulButFatMommy is doing 2 things including…

Lose 150 pounds

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Week 4-5

Wow. So I had a hectic week last week and didn’t have time to update, so here is my update for the last two weeks.

I lost 4 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I now weigh 303. 4 lbs to go to be under 300:-) I hope to be under 300 by the end of September (12 days from now).

I noticed my mentality change toward what I eat. Its much easier for me to say no to bad foods then it was when I started. I dont know if its my success thus far, or just a different mental view on the situation that makes it easier. Whatever it is, Im happy. Because I feel that saying “no” to bad foods was my biggest obstacle. I felt I had no willpower. Now I can pat myself on the back every time I say “no” because I know I consciously just saved myself x amount of calories:-)

I have a lot of stress in my home life that feel like they never end, but somehow are at an all time high now, so I’m trying to find different ways to cope with stress (I used to eat junkfood). Now when I get overwhelmed with feelings of stress or anxiety, I pack the kids in the car and go… somewhere, anywhere… usually to the park or the library. They love it and I love it, because I’m away from my home and things that remind me of the stress. I feel like I’ve always put my weight and myself on the back burner and Ive finally realized that I need to change my priorities and take care of myself to… even though that may mean that I’m not making everyone happy.

I still want to increase my exercise levels. By going out and taking the kids to the park, it increase my daily activity, but still not the level I want (45 minutes of VIGOROUS walking). The temp outside ranges from 85-90 degrees and in the evening when its cooler I have too many things to do (between dinner, cleaning, bathing, feeding and changing kids, etc) I CAN’T change the time I do those things. Plus beacuse its so humid there are a million biting bugs (no-see-ums, mosquitos, etc) in the evening. I know, more excuses, but I keep thinking it will be easier when it gets just a bit cooler.

Goal for next week:
Lose 3 lbs :)
-Drink more water
-Go on a daily walk with the kids

So three pounds for next week. I can do it!

Week 2-3

Since my last entry I have lost 2 lbs. Not the loss I was hoping for, but at least its a loss. I now weigh 307. I still have about 11 weeks until the wedding, so if I lose 3 lbs a week, I should reach my goal.

We went shopping and I bought a bunch of fruits, and instead of drinking water sometimes, I eat the fruit. I honestly didn’t think this would have such a huge impact, but apparently it does! Back to subbing water for snacks for me:-)

Goal for next Monday(5 days from now):

-Sub water for all snacks
-Drink fresh fruit and veggie juice for breakfast.
-Eat fruit for lunch
-Eat dinner
-Sub water for all snacks, including those in the evening.
-Go for 1 hour walk with kids at least 2 days.

Hopefully, by my next entry, I will be down to at least 305, if not lower…

Slowly inching my way toward being under 300:-)

So Far So Good

It’s been 5 days since my last posting. In that 5 days I have managed to lose 4 lbs by honestly, only doing 2 of the 3 things I promised I would do: Replacing snacks with water and not eating after 6pm (dinner). I didn’t exercise much, but I did increase my daily activity level (vaccuum faster, wash floor:move hips more, etc) I just do things with more rigor!

I’VE LOST 4 LBS!!!... Im so excited. Down to 309. Only 10 more lbs and I will be UNDER 300:-) Id like to be 290 by the end of September. So 19lbs in a little over 4 weeks. I think it’s possible.

I have a wedding to attend at the end of November. How FANTASTIC would it be if I lost 30 lbs or so by then? Maybe people would even notice that I’m losing weight?? (I feel that I’m so fat, that no one really notices weight loss unless its a DRASTIC amount) I will even reward myself with a new dress if I weigh 270 by then:-)

So I noticed that in drinking water, it has somehow changed my view on food. I eat healthy all day and don’t feel bad about not eating something UNHEALTHY. (No cravings). I dont know if its the water, or my motivation, but in either case, its a good thing!

Hurricane Ernesto (or tropical storm, or whatever it may change to be by the time it hits FL) is heading right for us on its current track. So if worse case happens, we may have to live off canned food for a bit. I have canned salmon and corn. I can still stay somewhat healthy:-) (Please pray that this storm miraculously somehow disappears into thin air and doesnt hit anywhere)

Another good thing: My husband is very supportive of these new changes I am making. It makes our whole family healthier and although he says he loves me the way I am now, Im sure I can make him blush a bit more if I weighed less, and in return felt (and looked) sexier :-)

Goal for next Monday:

1)Keep up lifestyle changes
2)Walk at least 3 days this week for 1 hour each day
3)Lose 5 lbs by next Monday (Even though we have a wedding to attend this weekend!!!)

Wish me luck!!!

First step

I have never done this before. Probably because of being embaressed of the ACTUAL amount of weight I have to lose. I figure that if I write about it regularly, then I will be forced to remember to focus on weight loss and on being successful.

So I have never been “skinny”. Growing up I was always the “big girl”. I weighed 180 lbs before going to college. I thought I was fat then, but I look back at pictures and DREAM of having that body again. Im 5’9” and weigh 313 now. My goal is 150-ish. I’ve come to accept that I will never be “skinny” by Hollywood’s standards, simply because my body is not build that way. I am a woman in a man’s body structure. I just want to feel better, look better, and be able to buy clothes in ANY store.

I am a recent Mom. My daughter was born 17 months ago. My son was born 5 months ago. They are 12 months apart and keeping me BUSY all day (I am a stay at home mom). They are on somewhat similar schedules, but most of the day is still used for taking care of one or the other. We are still not done having children, so I know that weight loss may be interruppted by another pregnancy (hopefully not for a while:-))

I have been blessed with two beautiful children, a great husband and a supportive family. I had two relatively easy pregnancies with no complications. Except that unless you knew me (and knew I was pregnant), you just thought that I was a FAT woman holding her back and walking like a penguin. That’s what sucks. I want my next pregnancy to be the kind where my belly grows and people know Im pregnant.

My husband and I were on a recent vacation (without the kids) and as we were walking out of a nightclub, someone outside made the comment, “How did you fit through the door?” to me as I was leaving the club. I don’t think I will ever forget how hurtful those words were to me… or how much they made me realize that I needed to change.

In my mind, I am still a beautiful 26 year old girl with a nice life and normal problems. I dont think Im beautiful when I look in the mirror. I do think I have a nice face, but when was the last time you noticed someone for how beautiful their face was? I wish I was sexier. My husband thinks I am, but I can’t BE sexy if I don’t FEEL sexy. Plus, with a toddler and an infant, I am constantly on the go, doing SOMETHING. I want to have more energy for when my kids get older, so I can go slide with them down the slide at the park, or chase them around and play hide ‘n seek. I want to be healthy to be a great mom and watch my kids grow up.

I gained over 100 lbs over the last 8 years. As soon as I got to college and lived in a shoe box they call a dorm, I started to eat packaged “quick and easy” food. There was no time for healthy eating, nor was there any place to store fresh fruits, etc. I had a bar size fridge to share with my roomate. Plus, lack of exercise (was never big on this) made the pounds just stick to me. When I had my children, I LOST weight in the beginning and then gained back to my prepregnancy weight as the pregnancy ended. I actually weighed less being pregnant then non-pregnant, BOTH TIMES! But after you have a baby, its no longer just a weight issue. Its now an issue of regaining your body back. Your skin is loose, your muscles are weak, and you have less time then EVER to do anything about it.

In general, we lead a healthy lifestyle. I cook all food and we soup a lot. My downfalls are :snacking, snacking into the evening hours, and not exercising. And when I snack, its not healthy, most of the time. We drink fresh juice every morning (5 carrots, handful of spinach and 3 apples for my husband and myself). We take our vitamins and eat a nutritious dinner. If I can only stop the snacking between meals (something I picked up from being pregnant for 2 years in a row) and not eating after dinner (6pm), and get some sort of exercise, I think I can SLOWLY lose the weight.

I have no willpower. Well, maybe I have SOME, but its a small amount. Whenever I go on a health kick and walk for 1/2 hour and do some pilates, I feel GREAT. Even though I know its a small change and Id need to do it a lot more to see an effect, I feel fantastic for pushing myself to do this (instead of watching TV for example). I just wish I could keep it up.

So my goals are as follows:

1) Instead of snacking, drink water
2) If I must snack at night, snack healthy (a fruit)
3) Do pilates when kids have their morning nap. Walk with kids after their morning map for at least 1/2 hour. Do this 5 days a week.

Wish me luck:-)

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