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Start my own business

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My salary and operational costs

When you start a business you want to buy any promotional item you see. But you have to consider you HAD a salary and the business has cost every month and everyday. Now im doing this.

Next: contract with yellow pages and finish the permits

Business registration

To run a business in USA or territories (like Puerto Rico) you will need a EIN (this is like a social security number for business jijiji). Today I submit a form to have this number for my business. Later I make the commercial registration. Now I need the building or office permit. In the meantime, continue with working on the marketing.

Quotations, Facebook, contracts...

Those are my projects in these days… Its quite easy make a FB marketing campaign. In the meantime, I just want to show a educational FB page, until I receive the permits.

Back on track

I had several weeks without work on it. I was very focus in my kid’s school duties, because he is having a lot of changes. My schedule now is more busy (soccer practices, music practices, school meetings, new relationship, etc). Yesterday I made one of the documents I will work in my business. I fell so good…

Sole proprietor or corporation...

Now I have some questions about the registration of my business. If I have a corporation I need insurance for it, but also for me. In that case, Isn’t cheaper to be a sole proprietor? Now I have to think and look for info.

Funding Oportunities

Well… its just an option. Last Wenesday I called to know about it and maybe I have to think in this options. My small business don’t provide to pay the federal minimum salary and I want to pay better. Let’s see.

In the meantime…
  • I made my first blog post
And I need it…
  • Some quotations of postcards, business cards and folders

Good advice...

Yesterday I was talking with a Business Administration professor. She was so cooperative with my project. I share with her the process of built all this and the happiness in the creation. For me, its like my new baby.

At this moment, I…
  • Made a first post in my webpage blog
  • Search for info about employers salary
  • Finish my webpage, I just need to publish it Yay!!!

Ok I finish for today...
  • Make the last review of the home, about us, services, employment and contact us parts in my website.
  • Take the information of the competence.
  • Read about premiums accounts (in Wix)
Things to do:
  • Buy the website pictures
  • Work on blog session
  • Call the competence
  • Print the logo registration form
  • Visit my municipality for information about permits

Im excited…

OMG so much details!!!

I started to work my business idea with energy since September 12th. Today I notice everytime I saw my website, my documents, my to do list and my business, I found a new thing to do, a new detail in the website to change or add and new idea to work my marketing plan. Now I understand when I heard in the business plan workshop about a living document. Create a business is a process that you are editing yourself (or your idea) ongoing. I love it.

Business plan update

This last week I dedicate my time to finish the website and make the employer. My expectations is to start to submit the permissions on Jannuary 2014 and open in May. Im very excited.

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