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August Bootcamp 2012: Action and Adventure

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Bootcamp update: schedule

Yesterday I did my schedule. Was a little tricky for me because, I have different work hours everyday. So I just made a list of tasks to complete everyday and how much time I will take in each task. Also I try to made my schedule as simple that I can.

To finish my bootcamp I have to go to nature. Today its my last day. I feel satisfied with my performance this last 30 days. I think this is my first bootcamp I persistance until the end :). Thanx for all the cheers and support of all 43ts.

Bootcamp Update

How I handle with declaring myself in a single status:

After my recent separation (days before I started this bootcamp) I decide to do something different than others relationships: stay alone.

Why? Because I want to evaluate how are my standarts after choose a partner and change negative patterns. Also, go out to my comfort zone, which means make new friends, do new things and be responsible of my happiness.

Its not easy. Everyday I remmember to myself about my resolution, my time and the opportunity to have a better relationship in the future.

Bootcamp update

• Bought Carlos art materials
• Do the laundry

• Go out without a plan: invite my brother to go to fine arts cafe

Bootcamp update

Until today I did:

• Finish to prepare my kid to school
• Finish all preparations for a big conference in my job.
• Visit madrina
• Assist Carlos in his first week in fine arts school.
• Bought an outfit for an activity in my job.
• Accomplish at least two tasks daily.

Inscripcion to dance clases Yeah!

Bootcamp Update

2 hours cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry

Go to my friend’s birthday
Make a new friend


• Bought Carlos school things until stores closed.
• Go to hairdresser (close the loop)
• Visit my parents (close the loop)
• Go to the bank
• Look a better internet conexion


• I had a great rc session with Y. I realized how similar is
parents my relationship with
mine. Was very surprinsing, a
real emotional adventure.

• Stay alone all day, was hard but at the same time I feel powerfull, independent and free. In the evening I visited my parents

August 3rd bootcamp update

Closing the loop ~ finish my powerpoint presentation, and show it!

Declare myself in a single status ~ I survive a friday nigjt, I really enjoy liberty, a night without think; where is Jose?

The plan...


Closing the loop everyday (at least in one task)
Finish my declutter hours
Prepare my kid to the back to school
Prepare a schedule


Inscribe in dance classes
Go out without a plan (at least one time)
Declare myself in a single status (seriously)
Go to the nature

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