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Let this goal represent the contract within myself to make healthier, wiser decisions become habits and to feed my body with respect & love that will be sure to help grow my life's over-all wellness

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Square ONE

The first thing I want to do today is apologize here for being absent recently.

As some of you may know, my love and I have been having problems. A week ago it seemed we may never look each other in the eye again; today, we both know we want this to work.

Last weekend, I did my little sister’s hair for prom and was sucked into some family drama on my dad’s side. Then Sunday was “the fight” with K. Then I spent a week inside my head. Needless to say, exercise and eating well went by the wayside. I didn’t necessarily start binging and I stayed aware of what I was consuming but my figure and personal health were the last things on my mind.

My relationship is improving by the day. It’s nowhere near “normal” yet but at least I’m not worried about having to move out & away like tomorrow. We’re still walking on glass a bit around each other and my getting back on track can only help us by keeping me occupied and feeling better and better.

I did check in with 43T, though, and I am proud of all of the progress that has been made thus far! You gals are rockin!

Stocked up

I finally had a chance to grocery shop today so finally the house is full of hearty, nutritious staples and produce. I had been kind of scraping and scrounging for low fat, low cal meals but no more! I finally have everything to make hummus as well so I’m planning on making a double batch to have around the house for snacking.

Just wanted to check in and say hey! It’s been a busy week but every day is better and better! By the way, the progress you guys have been making is awesome!! Keep up the good work!

Next Challenge

The quote that came up on the side when I came to make this entry:
“I created a vision of David in my mind and simply carved away everything that was not David.”
- Michelangelo Buonarroti

Vision Board

I believe that its a pretty well-known fact that having a visualization of your goals helps make them a reality. Whether it’s a subconscious thing, a positive energy change or just the constant reminder to keep your eye on the prize, envisioning what you want (and, according to the law of attraction, what you DON’T want) has a significant impact on the outcome of tomorrow.

I encourage you to create a vision board for yourself with images and words that inspire you to keep moving forward. Whether it’s an 8×10 or a tri-fold display board like my 1st one, what matters is that you use power visuals for yourself.

Take some time on this. Think about it. Figure out where you can place your board so that once a day you can spend 3 or 8 or 15 minutes (whatever YOU need) looking at it and envisioning. Buy a health magazine, dig out old pictures of yourself (goodness knows I couldn’t find a skinny pic if my life depended on it) or get creative with your markers.
Most importantly, really think about not just what you want to look like, but what you want to do to get there and what your over-all healths goals are as well.

I will begin work on my fitness/health vision board and should have a picture posted by Friday. I hope you all will share yours as well!!

I’m not sure who this musician is but she has a great page about her vision board and shares some great ideas to get started.

Easy modifications

Some basic tips for making your favorite recipes healthier include:

Decrease the meat and increase the vegetables called for in stews and casseroles.

Choose whole-grain versions of pasta and bread; substitute whole-wheat flour for bleached white flour when you bake.

Serve imaginative whole-grain side dishes like bulgur or kasha instead of white rice or pasta.

Cook with less fat by using non-stick skillets.

Blot all fried meats on paper towels.

Avoid cooking with soy or Worcestershire sauce and products that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Substitute garlic or onion powder for garlic or onion salt, and use unsalted or low-salt vegetable broths and products.

Buy reduced-fat cheese or use mozzarella which is naturally lower in fat.

In recipes calling for milk or cream, substitute 2% or reduced fat versions. This also works well for low-fat cream cheese, yogurt, and mayo.

Unhealthy fats like certain oils, butter, or margarines can usually be cut by 1/3 to 1/2 in recipes. At first try a small cut-back and then use less and less over time; you’ll hardly notice the difference. You can also use fat substitutes like prune purees and applesauce in baked goods.

Use fresh-frozen fruit without added sugar if fresh is unavailable.

Cut the sugar called for in most recipes by one-third to one-half.

Sweeten waffles and quick breads with cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or almond extracts in order to cut the sugar content.

Try salsa on a baked potato or salad rather than high-fat dressing or butter.

Weight Loss Myths: Fact or Fiction?

“MYTH: If you raise your metabolism, you can eat more and still lose weight!

FACT: Your metabolism controls how fast and in what way you burn the calories you consume. We burn calories throughout the day in many ways – from breathing and digesting to washing dishes or walking the dog. You need to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight – to lose one pound per week, you need cut or burn about 500 calories per day. Despite the claims of the diet pill manufacturers, you have very little ability to change your metabolism. But you do have the ability to help your body burn more calories by incorporating lifestyle changes, like more exercise.

MYTH: Carbs are evil!

FACT: Carbohydrates are actually lower in calories than fat – in one gram of carbohydrate, there is 6 calories, compared to the 9 in one gram of fat. The popularity of low-carb diets has made people crazy about counting carbs, but this is far less important than counting calories. The long-term effects of high-fat, high-protein diets are still unknown, but we do know that a diet high in good carbohydrates coming from whole grains, fruits, and veggies, provides adequate nutrition and can be ideal for weight loss. A balanced, low-fat diet, emphasizing portion-control, will help you lose weight with no risk of the unknown long-term effects related to fad diets.

MYTH: Fasting is a great way to lose weight.

FACT: Hollywood starlets swear by “fasts” or “cleanses” where they eat practically nothing for days. Starving yourself can help you drop a few pounds fast, but chances are you will regain that weight as soon as you start eating again, not to mention the numerous negative health effects a starvation diet can cause (gallstones, fainting, malnutrition…just to name a few.) Also, losing a lot of weight rapidly usually means you’re losing muscle and water rather than fat.

MYTH: To lose weight, stop eating fatty foods.

FACT: Fat-free does not mean calorie-free, and many fat-free versions of your favorite products have the same or more calories as the originals. This is because sugar has to be added to replace the flavor that is lost when the fat is taken out. Again, you need to watch your caloric intake in order to lose weight, so keep track of the foods you are eating, fat-free or otherwise.

MYTH: Sugar-free foods and artificial sweeteners are great for avoiding weight gain.

FACT: True, diet soft drinks and artificially-sweetened yogurts, ice cream and other snacks are often lower in calories. But sugar substitutes are associated with many negative side effects. Further, these sweeteners may actually have an adverse effect on dieters. For example, according to a recent study cited on WebMD, “artificial sweeteners may interfere with the body’s natural ability to count calories based on a food’s sweetness and make people prone to overindulging in other sweet foods and beverages.”


• Find support from family, friends, a counselor, and/or support group. Share your experiences and listen to others; receive support and encouragement.

• Set realistic goals. Aim for a slow, modest weight loss and expect setbacks. Forgive yourself and resolve to start fresh the next day!

• Make sure to shop when you are not hungry. Create a shopping list to stick to, and store tempting foods in cabinets or drawers out of your sight.

• Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. You will be less likely to binge and more inclined to eat in moderation if you have thought out healthy meals in advance, and eat when are truly hungry.

• Dish up smaller servings. At restaurants, eat only half your meal and take the rest home. For more on healthy choices while dining out, see Fast Food Nutrition.

• Drink lots of water.

• Incorporate 30 minutes of physical activity into your day. Engaging in some kind of physical activity – whether it be gardening, dancing, walking, playing golf or tennis – will enliven your physical and mental health and help to keep the extra pounds off.”

This information came from:

There is more great information on that page pertaining to emotional & stress eating as well as a ton of links at the bottom to lots more information!

"Top ten fast and fabulous foods for female nutrition"

Stolen appreciativly from

“1. O.J. with added calcium. Calcium-fortified orange juice helps ward off PMS, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Down a glass a day to help you rise and shine!

2. High fiber cereal. When you’re food shopping, select a cereal with at least 7 grams of fiber per serving. Fiber is a cancer fighter, and it helps cancel out calories.

3. “Youth” berries. Blueberries are antioxidant stars; they can slow down your aging clock. Toss them on your cereal for a power-packed breakfast. Dining out? Order your dessert first, and make it fresh berries. Most restaurants have them in season. While you’re eating your delicious appetizer of raspberries, strawberries, or blackberries you’re also ingesting fiber, antioxidants, and ellagic acid, a compound being studied to fight colon cancer.

4. Apples and nuts. Take fruit and nuts with you to work forgreat protein and anti-oxidant protection that also gives you sustained energy release.

5. Water. Most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it. Fatigue, poor concentration and headaches are signs of mild dehydration. Keep bottled water in your office and filtered or bottled water at home; aim for eight glasses a day. Fizzy water is fine, too, and sure beats coffee or cola!

6. Whole grains. Choose whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereals. You’ll boost fiber, reduce empty calories, and feel fuller from the nutrients.

7. Dipped carrots. Yes, some fat is good for you (see above for a discussion on good and bad fats). Eat your carrot sticks with a cube of cheese or dip, which will aid in absorption of those cancer-fighting carotenoids.

8. Lean protein. The more active you are, the more protein you will need. Fresh fish, hormone-free chicken (try removing the skin to reduce the fat content), eggs, and lean meats like turkey or pork tenderloin are all good sources. Soy products can also provide protein, although some people are sensitive to soy and cannot digest it properly. The more variety you can incorporate into your diet, the better – so try and find different sources of lean protein every day.

9. Beans. Beans may not be the most glamorous food, but they are nutritional powerhouses. With 5 grams of fiber in a half cup of beans, they can help fight colon cancer and also fill you up so you don’t overdo it on calories. Try tossing some beans into your salad at lunch, or enjoying a cup of veggie chili.

10. Cocoa. Love chocolate? Cocoa, which has much of the fat removed, has more antioxidant power than tea. The flavonoids in cocoa can keep blood platelets from clotting, which may prevent heart attacks. Plus, the milk in hot cocoa loves your bones! If you’re lactose or caffeine sensitive, or don’t like cocoa, be sure to take your calcium supplement instead. (See below for more on bone health and calcium.) “


So, here it is. I wound up taking the pics myself this weekend and had about 5 to chose from. I chose this one because is was the most disgusting of them all and I honestly wonder if it will get flagged for being so revealing of fat! Oh well.

Here it is: one picture that sums up my mission. BEFORE.

Weekend Challenges

1) I’m challenging everyone to post a “BEFORE” picture here. I know, the idea scares the crap out of me, too, and I’m kind of nervous to ask my lover to take it when he gets home and yet I will! (No nudity please! =)) Personally, I might use mine as my avatar just to keep it in my face- but we’ll see how I look first! Hah!

2)I would like everyone to create a goal on their list that you think is attainable within the next two weeks or so that pertains to this goal of losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising. I understand that a lot of people have full lists but I think it’ll be necessary for us each to have our individuals on-going goals that we can mark done and celebrate!

3) Establish a food journal if you know you’re eating habits need a lot of work. Whether you keep it here, as a check-out list on your fridge, or on a website such as, a food journal is key. We may need to only keep it a month or we may need to have it forever but it’s the only way to be honest and accountable with ourselves and it’ll serve as a great reference tool.

4) Spend some time surfing the net, reading health magazines & books or talking to your healthiest friends and family memebers to educate yourself. The more reading I do, the more matching information I get, the more tips and advice I find, the more pumped I am already!! There are a lot of great resources and if we keep ourselves consumed we’re going to stay on track! And, of course, post the good stuff here!!

I know this is a holiday weekend that is veiled in candy, chocolate and marshmellow birds and how hard it may be for some of us. All I ask is that you stay in the moment. Enjoy your children, your friends, the sunshine, the flowers… And if you have to have a peep, have one. And stop- because you’re in the moment.And in the moment, you know that that peep does not taste nearly as good as smiling in the mirror does.

My Mission

I will lose at least 60lbs. and reach my goal BMI of 22.
I will create a plan I feel comfortable and confident with and tweak it as necessary.
I will adapt permanent lifestyle changes to maintain my weight-loss and streamline my health.
I will turn the energy I exert hating my body, envying others, and wishing for change into action!
I will focus on changing other habits and patterns in my life as well so harmony will be free to flow throughout.
I will remember that no matter what hurdle arises or mishap haps, I’m not going back to that slob!

Challenge 1

Define and Declare YOUR Mission Statement!

In life, in business, in school,in relationships and in sports we often have to formulate plans to reach our deadlines, bonuses, finish lines or goals of any kind. A business plan is the first thing anyone will tell you to make when you’re serious about a business idea and it’s also what a lot of successful business owners attribute to their strength to keep going. I suggest we all look at our body as a business (well, not THAT kind =P ) and make a plan.

Step one of that plan is YOUR Mission Statement.

When I was looking for inspiration regarding this challenge I came across this column, by trainer Jim Karas, and it had some interesting points about creating a body business plan.

I hope you’ll check it out! Most importantly, I hope you’ll create a Mission Statement and declare it here!

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