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buy a building which houses my work and life by 2012

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not sure what to do

called the landlord….told him i am ready to buy…

he now doesn’t want to sell.

mmmm… now what? did he just decide for me?

I am lost on this one

I am trying to figure out the house, life and work space.

It feels very jumbled with too many options and not enough “knowns”.

I guess I should buy my place.

I would rather rent somewhere for the next year until I am clear on what I am doing in my personal life.

However, it appears that year will be crucial to having “my space” in some way – if even just to work in – and launch the project from – and get a year under my belt of good financing.

We’ll see.

There is less clarity than before on this one.

Several options emerge.

While searching, I found a hilltop site -

3 acres with 2 very run down properties…

a pool, hot tub, etc… it is like a mini-spa if only it were fixed up.

very run down. 1950’s and not a dime of investment since.

but it calls me. it lives in me now.

we’ll see.

way too much, but negotiable.

Flip flop on this

The issue with ownership is twofold: the financial burden of operation and maintenance, ongoing tax costs continuing to increase over time.

I am always torn. Do I buy and add these burdens and complexities or do I stay nimble, inexpensive, and not as “grounded” to a place.

This grounding often feels burdensome to me. It can be a great thing or a negative. I want the positives, but truly hate to consider the burden of the financial costs increasing always – through time.

When I think of renting in the future, I feel light, flexible, and know that I will always have the funds to travel and be freer to move about. Of course, what I should seek is a life with both – the grounding and the freedom and the funding to have both without worry.

THe new dream – whitehouse plus airforce one. lol

meeting with someone who can help

i have offered to help a developer friend with the hope he will help me when the time comes for my project.

i have outlined how i see things.

it is a way for me to be a part of things – get my feet wet – in a limited way and in a manner with upside for me.


I have revisited an old dream,to test if it still fits. we’ll see if i get religion or not on this!

Couple of options.

Spring goal - to have hand money somewhere

I am all over the place in looking – country, city, burgs, green, loft, vacant lots, gritty parts of the city, my old neighborhood, etc… really feeling adrift as to where this place will be. It feels like the “final resting spot” so I am trying to tie in everything I want – relaxing green vistas and views, trees, skyline, wildlife, city life, warm, big windows and views, light, huge outdoor spaces, massive porch space, away from the crowds and neighbors, but not too far, sunny, bright, big soaring ceilings, fireplace, garage parking, open open open, skylights, healthy systems and more…more…more like room and baths and the kitchen of my dreams. It will come. I can feel it.

i have started looking for it

the past few months. saving cash to buy. have figure out a few options on where. going to keep walking toward it. the whitehouse…maybe in spring. if it happens earlier, great. looking for the right white house.

It's the White House

When Obama got to the White House one of the first things he mentioned was how happy he was to have his family and his office connected under the same roof.

This has been my goal for awhile. As I build my company, I want a White House. I want to have a building which holds my company in one space and my family in another … with space for lots of others.

I am seeking this as a goal by the end of 2010. To the whitehouse!!!

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