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Practice the Four Agreements: Be impeccable with my word/ Don't take anything personally/ Don't make assumptions/ Always do my best

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impeccable with my word

The hardest one.

So many commitments to live up to.

Hard to say no. But I am getting better because so much is on my plate.


Getting more consistent.

Watch and listen to myself and my commitments.

Don’t take things personally with FS – who really works hard to make it about me – but I know it is all about him and where he is.

Don’t make assumptions – I am trying hard to maintain this with my siblings right now. Very very hard.

Always do my best – for my mom, for myself, for my daughter, etc..

I have been reading about the Fifth Agreement

Awake to the agreements right now. Awake to the dream.

My dream and the dreams of others.

It is such a great place to be.

If I could just stay here!

How to keep tuned into this? How?

It always lifts me and brings me a context that is richer, more full and more appreciative of others around me.


Always do my best

My best has been restful this past month. Time to get my best in gear. :)

don't take anything personally

wow. this one is really important to me right now.

i am struggling to know this is true in how i was taken off a project. it isn’t about where i am – it is where they are.

i don’t want to be where they are.

i should be thrilled i am not on the project any longer.

feels hurtful when removed, as opposed to me being the one to say, i want to leave this plac.e

i should have said that.

i don’t know why i won’t and don’t say that

i am bad at leaving bad places and spaces. it isn’t about me

it is about that room – that space – that someone created.

as long as they let me stay – i will

but – i must learn to walk away from it.

Be impeccable with my word

This is both very easy and very hard

I overcommit.

I do a lot.

So, I generally am impeccable with my word.

Not all the time.

This is the hardest one of all for me.

I must learn to not over commit

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