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Maxime in Saguenay (Jonquière) is doing 29 things including…

Make new friends

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My girlfriend's whole family. Does it count?

I already met pretty much her entire family and I can farely say I get along pretty well with them all. Especially her father! He’s pretty cool.

I like her sisters and brother as well. Good people. She has a nice family.

And my girlfriend herself, obviously. I always said a significant other also has to be a best friend, and it’s pretty much our case. :)

Saturday night

So I’ll have this date on Saturday, but since we’re both kind of broke right now, we won’t do anything fancy. Just watch hockey and then a couple of movies. But it’ll be great anyway, in good company. :)

And we’re meeting tonight after I finish work. I’m nervous!

I'm nervous.

I have what we may call a date, tonight. I’m waiting for her phone call. I’m supposed to pick her up in an hour or so.

I’m not used to this type of situation…

I saw the friend in question tonight.

It was nice. It didn’t really feel like we had been apart for that long. It’s awesome when there’s a complicity between you and someone else that just doesn’t seem to fade away even after many years!

Does getting in touch again with old friends we haven't talked to in 5 years count?

Because tonight, I got an e-mail from my friend and ex-colleague Isabelle (not the same one as the friend I see regularely). I hadn’t talked to her in AGES!

She wants us to get together over a hot chocolate next week. It’ll be fun! We changed so much. She’s the mother of a child and she’s pregnant with a second one, at the young age of 24. I’m like the wind, disappearing and reappearing whenever I want. I’m a free man, we can say.

Back in the time, I was the kind of intellectual, a bit too straight from time to time, and a bit too quiet. She was the weird girl, doing nothing like anyone else. We got along well nonetheless.

It will be interesting for sure!

I made a new friend today!

The clerk at the corner store. While my car was in the parking lot, hood open, and I was waiting for a mechanic.

I waited for two hours, and spent two hours chatting with the lovely girl.

And I didn’t even ask her name. I’ll have to go back. At least, I went on the corner store’s website and wrote to the manager, to tell her how lovely and wonderful this clerk is.

Someone has lied to me for the last time.

I said I can’t stand hypocrites. I am naive and will intentionally be naive sometimes just so that some lies will pass over my head. I’m forgiving way too easily. But now, too much is too much. If all I’m worth is a bunch of lies, this person won’t be seeing me again.

Sick of it.

I did make a few new friends recently.

All thanks to that very lame community website I use now! Very good place to meet people from my region.

In a single week, I can say I already have two very good new friends. For example, today was the first day I didn’t see Isabelle since last Saturday. :P

But we were going to the beach, if I had not worked. Because I wasn’t supposed to work, today.

And then there’s Myriam. My kind of girl, I have to say. But I ain’t aiming for anything more than friendship. If I had been though, she’d definitely be the kind of girl I’d love.

Only negative aspect, there’s still the stalker… lol! But she’s getting more quiet, now. Tonight she logged on msn, I went and said hi, and she didn’t reply. Which is surprising!

Oh, and Isabelle wanted me to meet a few of her friends. I already met two of them, and they weren’t my kind of people at all. But maybe she can get me to know more people, and especially people I’d get along well with. :)

I feel privilegied.

I made new friends of a pretty unconventional way. I still hope I could have more friends in the town I live in, friends with whom I’d be able to hang out, but I did make new friends and I have a few in mind right now.

First, Emilia. It is so amazing that I had the chance to have her here for two weeks, and it’s as much amazing that I’ll be able to spend more time with her this summer. She’s so fun to be with and so nice! We can never get bored with her. She has such a great imagination and a funny sense of humour! She makes people around her feel so special, and she is so special herself. I’m so comfortable with her, she’s one of the very few persons I can feel peaceful with. She’s like an angel, it’s impossible to even imagine her being mean, it’s not in her nature at all. She’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. Seriously, she’s incredible. She makes my heart melt.

There is also Mae. I didn’t meet her yet, eventhough it’s in our plans sometimes in the next couple of years. I developed such a nice friendship with her, we became pen pals, we text each other almost everyday, she knows she can count on me when she needs advice, and I know I can count on her when I need advice. She’s incredibly nice and always brings a smile on my face whenever I have the chance to talk to her. We have a lot of affinities, we get along so well, and I guess she’s one of the very few persons I’d be able to talk with for hours and hours without running out of ideas, and I’m usually not the most talkative guy.

I also have to mention Anne. We’re so different, and our opinions on a lot of things are often completely opposed, but I guess it’s something that makes me appreciate her even more. She has a way to look at things that I don’t have, and I feel like she’s everything that I’m not, on the good side. We complete each other, and she’s the best to give advice when we’re emotionally down. I know I can count on her when I’m feeling sad, and she’s such a supportive friend. She’s like my little teddy bear. :)

Maybe I can add Laura too, now. Because she inspires me so much, she stimulates my brain like no one else does. Her thoughts are always so deep, and she’s so artistic and logical at the same time. She’s like a storm blowing a powdery emotion all the time, and she is so mysterious, I guess if she had lived in Leonardo Da Vinci’s time, he would have picked her as his model instead of Mona Lisa. It must be so incredibly interesting to sit around a table with her, and so challenging for the brain cells. I hope I’ll have this chance in a few months!

I can’t forget Tiina. She’s so funny, she always makes me laugh, and she is so kind and friendly, and so supportive! Everyone has qualities and flaws, and you usually know what you can expect from a friend, and from another friend. But she’s so… complete! She has everything we can hope for in a friend. And she likes hockey! So she’d be the perfect friend to hang out with! Only if she didn’t live that far away… She’s the kind of person I’d love to have around me a little bit everyday.

And may I include Jaymie? Because she’s so funny and cheerful! I love the way she writes, the way she explains her thoughts and opinions, she always makes me smile! I don’t know her that much yet but I hope I’ll get the chance to know more about her. She just looks so much like the kind of person we can never get bored with. There’s always something to do, and even the smallest, little simplier things in life look interesting. Definitely, the next American city I’m gonna visit will be Chicago, so that I can meet her.

And Gemma, too! She’s not as present here as she used to, but I talk to her a bit more often on MSN now, and she’s so nice and funny! I really like her down-to-earth attitude, mixed with that bit of cute sillyness! It’s always great to have a little laugh with her. :)

And there are so many more I could include, eventhough they are people I talk with less often. I’m thinking about Alyssa for example, such a cheerful and funny girl, always making me laugh! Cormac, for his infinite culture and his sense of humour! Caiti, for her awesomesauceness (?) and just being like… all simple. It’s so easy to talk with her and have fun! Sanna, who has been the first person I’ve talked to on this site. I totally love her attitude, she’s so stylish and special! There’s Uncle too, I wish I had a grandfather like him. :P And Tangy, for always being so nice and supportive and helpful, and Gavroche too, for the same reasons, as well as for sharing this common passion for cheese. And Sinead… damn, it feels like an eternity since I talked to you on MSN! Come online sometimes, I miss you! And there’s Jess, has anyone heard of her recently? We had so much in common, it was always interesting to read her thoughts and feelings. I wish she could come back and start posting again. And Kasey, for saying out loud what I silently think, and being such a genuine person. And the Scottish trio, Sarah, Rachel and Johanna, for being always so funny and definitely making me want to come in Scotland just to experience a night out with you girls. You make me laugh. :D

I won’t mark this goal as done, because like I said, I still need to find people to hang out with. But I think the most important is done. I have friends I can rely on. Good friends. Great friends. Awesome friends. Thank you.

I almost forgot!

You all know I had a date with some lovely girl from Quebec City this week! But I didn’t tell you, my sweet stalkers, how it was!

There is the whole story and its details.

She texted me around 18:30 tuesday night to come and join her at a little bar named Le Triangle, which is close to the university in Quebec City, while I was eating my dinner at KFC. So I went around there but since I didn’t know exactly where it was, I lost some time looking for the place. It ended up being in the basement of a mini-mall. Kind of weird, eh?

I’m not a fan of bars, to be honest, and this one, at first, looked kind of creepy. So I got a bit nervous to go inside, but I opened the door and walked down the stairs. There, I got surprised! An elegant man opened the door for me and I entered this very clean and nice place, with pool tables, air hockey tables, a giant screen to watch the hockey game, very nice tables and all… Seriously, this has to be the nicest bar I ever went in!

So I started looking around to see Marie, but I had never seen her before, to be honest! It was a bit like a blind date, but she did know how I looked. I saw this girl sitting in front of the giant screen and suspected that she was the girl, but I wasn’t sure, so I texted her. When I saw her reaching for her purse to get her cellphone, I came behind her and said “Hey, I was just not sure, even if you were my first guess.”

So we sat together, had a drink, chatted, etc. I learned a lot about her, and she ended up being a lot more interesting than I thought! She’s very smart, studies to become a social worker, has a lot of culture, and she was funny! Plus, let’s admit it, she’s cute. We couldn’t stay together for the whole night because she had some philosophy homework to do for the next day.

After an hour or so, we just went outside as we were about to leave, but we kept talking on the sidewalk for another 15 minutes. It ended with a handshake, and she seriously has a trucker’s handshake, it was funny! Such a small and girly girl, giving big hard handshakes like a big man! I thought it was funny, especially because I tend to be the one to cheek-kiss.

I don’t think I could ever fall in love with that girl, but she could definitely become a friend. :)

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