Maxime in Saguenay (Jonquière) is doing 29 things including…

Not speak a word for 24 hours

9 cheers


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Maxime has written 2 entries about this goal

I had not realised until now...

But I totally did this on Wednesday haha!

24 hours...

Opportunities to do this don’t show very often, when you’re a professional salesman. :P

Plus, since I am not alone at home, it’s hard to not say a single word even when I have a day off. I would have to be away from home and alone somewhere. But what could I do?

I might do this once I get into my new appartment (I started shopping for flats recently), it will be easier to spend a day alone and not say a single word. But I wonder… does internet count? Like… if I come here and write something on 43Things, or if I talk with someone on MSN?

Well… speaking is oral, right? I can still communicate?

Maxime has gotten 9 cheers on this goal.


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