Ben Hosken in Melbourne is doing 35 things including…

do a back handspring


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Ben Hosken has written 2 entries about this goal


Doing a back hand spring for the first time when I was 35 was a totally amazing life changing event for me. Doing something I NEVER thought I could do. Fantastic!!!

Almost there

I’ve been taking tumbling lessons for the last 2 terms and have been working on back flips for the last month (once a week) with a fantastic coach.

At the start of the first term (back in March) I could not even do a headstand.

I’m now to the stage of doing them myself perfectly off a minitramp to start and can do ok ones by myself.

Best advice is to get a coahc who knows how to teach it properly and then its guts to get over the idea of jumping backwards. I tried it by myself on a super soft crash map and even then it took three goes to attempt one ;-)


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