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Ok so we have bought a big set of recycling bins. And are no longer going to supermarkets. We get a box of seasonal fruit and veg from a farm delivery service, and I carbon neutralised our recent flights by buying some trees/got some planted. I worry that it is all too late. Too many sceptics about climate change,too much dependence on oil, US political intransigence blah blah, and yet it kind of misses the point. Why do we need to shovel some much rubbish into the sky anyway, and use so much packaging and need fruit from far away places brought by legions of polluting planes. To meet uk carbon reductions levels by 2015, without cutting air travel down, our houses’ emissions have to go to zero. So quit flying. And walk everywhere. Or something. Turning off all appliances on standby will mean we can turn off 3 nuclear power stations.

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