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Clean out the basement

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Slotted for this week

Since the weather is warming up and we can now park our cars in the driveway without having to defrost them, this next week is slotted for bringing up all the boxes from the basement and putting them in the garage until we can 1) sort through them and 2) finish the storage area in the basement so we can put them back (in order this time) down there.

Storage boxes finished

It took a while, but I got all the clothes sorted thru, now I’m tackling the rest of the boxes down there one by one. Hopefully I’ll be able to give away a lot more stuff and get some more room to work. I figure one box a day is a reasonable goal. Then by spring I should have everything sorted and put where it needs to go so I can start on putting up the walls.

Work has started on this

I’ve just started getting on this. I’ve got a lot to do, but cleaning out the basement is a requirement before I start trying to finish it into a nice living space. It’ll feel good to get all that extraneous junk out of there too. Right now I’m doing old clothes storage boxes. There are a ton.

Started. Slowly.

I think I’m more in the organizing phase than the cleaning it all out phase, but for me that has to come first. We did manage to get some stuff out and given away though, and dug through some boxes so at least we know what’s down there. This will probably go faster once we finish cleaning out the garage.

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