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A few days ago I finally bought myself some much needed new clothes, I really enjoyed going shopping for them and I’m sure i’m going to really enjoy wearing them…this is a fun goal :)


Yesterday I finally brought some new makeup!
I’ve been using foundation that is really pale and a mascara that i’ve had for wayyy too long for a few months now. It feels good to finally have some nice makeup, I just need to make sure I use it regularly now! :)


I cant deny that in the last half of my pregnancy I’ve really neglected my appearance.
At one point when I was feeling unwell for a few weeks I just stayed in my pyjamas or nightdress all day, everyday!
It’s now less than two weeks till the due date for my baby and my concern is that this bad habit that i’ve formed will just continue forever as I struggle with the challenges of being a new mother!
That’s my reason for creating this goal – to remind myself that I should do my best to dress well, that there are 2 little things called makeup and accesories and that I can do more with my hair than simply tie it up sloppily every day.
Realistically, becoming a mother for the first time I’m not going to have time to “always look fabulous!”...the title of this goal is a bit optimistic, but it’s better to aim high than to aim low right?
In short, I just need to start trying a bit harder to look nice, even if it’s just a case of putting a bit of mascara on or wearing a nice outfit. I know it will make me feel good about myself and I’m sure my husband will appreciate it after putting up with me looking terrible for the past few months!

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