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Practice Gratitude


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Today I am grateful for:

The smiling people at the dunkin donuts counter
My totally smooth-tasting medium, toasted-almond, coffee with cream, no sugar and all of the people who helped make my morning coffee break come into fruition. As well as the technology, both natural and man-made that created it.

I am grateful for letting go.
I am grateful that my husband’s year long tour in South Korea is almost over.
I am grateful for all the things I’ve learned about myself this year.
I am grateful to be realizing that the problems I have are really only just in my head alone.

And most of all, I’m glad that I can deal with them there, and that someday they will let go of me.

I am grateful that today is one of those days where I can’t see a problem with anything, anywhere.

I am grateful to be alive with my feelings of gratitude.


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